Friend group looking for raid group (Horde)

I have a group of 5-7 friends looking for a raid group.

Lf raids 8:00-11:00 central. We did 1 raid in heroic CN ( went 4/10) before a few quit leaving us under 10 people.

Current class /specs
Prot pally
Resto Druid/Boomkin
Resto Shaman
Resto Shaman/Hunter
Havoc DH
Enhancement Shaman
Sub Rogue

Feel Free to message me in game Namdar#1140

Hey. Reaching out to you. We’re looking for about 8 more people.

Our guild would love to have you. We were pretty much in a similar boat and broke off from a dying guild.

Since leaving, in just a couple of weeks, we have gone from nothing to 09/10 N and 1/10 H. But are having to pick up a couple heals and DPS each week.

I added you on BNET. Look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Here is our Discord as well if you would like come hang out, you are more than welcome to: PM4fgrq2Ef

Oh our raid times are also 8:00 - 11:00 CST on weekends.