<Fresh Coat> Alliance, Selling Mount, M+, Raid, & PvP Island carries!

Hello fellow realmies and mount collectors!

We are selling the mythic Jaina “Glacial Tidestorm” mount and Ny’alotha Ahead of the Curve “Uncorrupted Voidwing” mount. Prices are as follows:

Mythic Jaina mount - 500k
Ny’a AotC mount - 60k

We have sold many mounts already and have references from happy buyers upon request. If you are interested in a mount that drops from a rare or older content (such as Glory of the… raid achievements), we also do those, please ask about them!

Mount run times are somewhat flexible. Please add me to chat.

We are also selling the Awakened Mindborer mount through timed +15 keys. Full heroic N’yalotha clears for quick gearing up also available for 160k. We also sell carries for pvp islands, vision 5 masks, etc. All 150k or less! Please add me at Neddy#1554 if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a run. Thank you!

Bumping to get the word out!

Also, prices have dropped! Original post has been updated to reflect as such.