Frenzied Regeneration off GCD

I hate being GCD locked when I want to use FR in M+. Please Blizzard make it off GCD


Nah bro druids don’t need that buff but the opposite blizzard need to nerf bears to the ground.

Ehh sure if ye dillusional.

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But then they would be trees. :thinking:

:bear::evergreen_tree: → ??? → :butterfly:

:eyes::triangular_ruler: :white_check_mark:


This needs to be done in pvp as well for boomie - wasting 2 globals to press your heal, afk in bear for a few seconds while it ticks, and then another global to be able to start doing damage in form again, all the while not having your health even go up because it’s mediocre with dampening and MS effects, feels horrible.

Ever since they put it on the GCD bears have felt bad. They must revert the GCD change.

Take the rage cost off of it too. It doesnt need both a cd and a rage cost. But really just rework bear. Entirely, but for real this time.

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This is possibly the most aggravating thing about playing a bear. You go into a pull trying to gather stuff up and get chunked because you have little to no Ironfur stacks. You press FR to not die and your melee DPS are going off while you’re generating very little threat, making it even harder to get everything together.

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Use RotS.

Gives Dr while you build stacks.
Generates threat via damage buff and “thorns” type damage.

It’s on a one min cd so you have it for every pull.

This has been a major issue since they made the change. It’s using a defensive at the cost of threat and a warrior pulls off you and dies. Other than that it just feels bad to play on the GCD.