Freehold Level Boosting Service!

Freehold leveling 110-120 (Alliance).
Hey guys, I figured I’d post my service here as well.

I sell a lot of Freehold boosts on a daily basis. Some of you are in need of this service.

Requirements for you:

  • A character from 110 to 120.

  • 1-2 hours of time (if its a full boost 110-120)

  • 5/5 fully upgrade heirlooms (if you don’t have this, the cost per level will rise so get those upgraded!)

My requirements:

  • To summon you to the instance or transport you by mount.

  • Smooth runs.

  • Provide instructions about the run.

I add people through discord. My discord name is khamali#2677. I will not be able to reply to this post often as I’m more likely boosting someone or IRL so if you have any questions the best thing to do is add me on discord :slight_smile:

All price-related questions will be answered through discord. Thank you.