Free xfers from high to low are needed now

And Stalagg filled up and you were again told to move off full servers and since they opened up two more on August 26 you must have been okay with a queue time.

People think low pop is one step from dead server but a low classic server is more than a high pop in vanilla…Blizz should just have Normal/High/Full on status to ease the minds of the paranoid few. But i do see everyone point of view.

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It’s only been one week. You could reroll and solve all of your problems right now, or you could refuse and suffer login queues for …months? Makes no difference to me.

Or people just use auto mouse clickers. This isn’t a q problem. This is a population discrepancy problem.

We were told to move 10 times already. This is blizzards problem they created and it needs to be a blizzard solution that’s going to fix it.

Full stop.

Some of the most recent servers that have been introduced are starting to see q times. Should those people just reroll too?


That might be a good option for a troll like yourself that has no friends they play with. Even if I was willing to put in another week of 4 to 12 hours a day like this last week, I wouldn’t even be at the same point I’m at now due to the penalty of being behind the curve. Bottom line is this is all caused by Blizzard’s negligence and it’s upon them to solve it by allowing free transfers off the high population servers. Like I said previously, we did move three times before launch day and still ended up in a *#&$sandwich server. It’s an easy fix to the problems, they created the technology years ago. Not sure why you’re so against it other than just being a troll.

I just want to take a second and rub something in a couple people faces really quick

Yeah “JuSt ReRoLl” thank god most people didn’t actually listen to this nonsense

I still think it is stupid and it remains to be seen if this is going to cause problems.

The nonsense is them putting in transfers a week in simply because enough people cried for them. But now we get to enjoy the next wave of tears from people crying that they’re losing their names on the transfers. There will be that.

You guys really can’t accept this as being the best option. Dumb and stubborn that’s a deadly combo

Excuse me if I don’t put too much faith in someone who wasn’t smart enough to avoid this problem in the first place.

Oh you don’t need to put your faith in me friend, put it in the company who made the decision. Oh and btw I joined the server I was TOLD to join. I just refused to reroll after I started leveling because I knew this was inevitable to fix the problem.

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You were also told prior to August 26th to move off that server but chose not to - what was this you said.

Link where they specifically said get off stallag

I guess the key word in there was ‘specifically’. Because they didn’t specifically say get off of stallag - they said get off of the full servers which stallag was.

I can certainly link that for you but I am sure you actually saw that and just ignored it.

Oh so you mean EVERY SINGLE server besides the rp servers? Yeah you are so right EVERYONE should have rolled on those servers… lol jfc.

If memory serves, every time they tried something like this on retail hardly anyone would transfer. They’d instead expect others to uproot themselves and make the move so nothing would really happen.

They also did it way late into vanilla when it didn’t work when people had no reason to leave. Also, when there wasn’t 8 hour que times every night. That’s why the sooner they did it the better. No attachment and plenty of reasons to leave (q times)

No every server wasn’t full. I have never had a queue. I really don’t care what they do on this issue as long as I don’t start having a queue, but I still think it is stupid to do it at this point in time. However, by the time they actually do open them up it might be weeks yet so.

IIRC, on servers like MalGanis they offered them not because of overpopulation and queues, but due to faction imbalance. It is an entirely different animal to offer it to alleviate multi-hour queues.

I thought they also tried at least once in an attempt to address dying servers before they invented CRZ to make zones look full on dead servers. I could be wrong though.