Free Transfers

Hey all! I am from Mankrik Alliance which is a dead server for alliance. How’s this server for alliance? Just looking for an improvement over Mankrik.

I am also looking to transfer

I transferred. It’s great!

I transferred here to the horde side and it’s honestly the worst decision i’ve ever made playing WoW I regretted it instantly…

transferred last night. ran a few dungeons. everything seem good. hope it continues this way =)

Yeah so far it’s been good.
Feels good to play here.
Had no problem finding groups

Transferred over from Grob and honestly, I’m liking the server. As a DPS, it hasn’t been hard forming groups or joining. Seems like there’s less healers than tanks. Gotten denied less than a handful of times. Groups socialize if questioned are asked and the people have been friendly. Can’t ask for more I guess lol.

Whoops! Didn’t know I had already answered :sweat_smile: