Free transfers

This server is dead, please provide us with some free transfers blizz


Yeah it has gotten to such a bad point. I am trying to get my 25 man raids in with two different guilds and we can’t even PUG enough people to raid consistently. Not to mention we don’t even have the badge vendor unlocked yet on the Island. It feels like Blizzard doesn’t care about our server. It feels like they are happy taking money from people to transfer just so the rest of the server can suffer. I am to a point where I am considering just quitting the game. If the population is so low we can fill 25 man raids what is the point? Why pay a sub on multiple accounts just so I can’t experience the end game content? My options are reward blizzard for their broken severs by paying money or just cancel my subs and never come back…… I guess since they are not interested in fixing the problem it’s probably time to cancel my subs and find another non blizzard game to play. I have been playing and enjoying blizzard games since Diablo and StarCraft but just continue to be disappointed and like they don’t care. Seems like they are more interested in the paid transfer money than their loyal customer base.


100% agree. I just re-subbed after about 2 years of being inactive. Old Blanchy was doable and had enough population on the relaunch of classic but coming back to the server with my main doesn’t feel good. I’m just questing to level right now but I want to have enough people to run dungeons with when I get on. Might have to bite the bullet and just pay for a transfer… Does Blizzard ever offer free transfers for servers like this?

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