Free transfers off of Whitemane?

Is Blizzard planning on doing free transfers off of Whitemane? I would happily transfer off because these que times are ridiculous to the point I just end up not even playing at all. Seems like a good server, it’s just way over populated.

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bye felicia

Is the toxic attitude really necessary for someone asking a simple question? Jesus Christ…

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They’re currently offering free transfers to Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, and Smolderweb for Whitemane characters. You can use it on as many characters as you wish.

I already transferred, thank you. I am a casual player and one of the few still working so when I was at Whitemane I would have to log when I got home from work and hope the que wouldn’t be 5+ hours which a lot of the time it was which at that point I didn’t even get to play. So I went to Smolderweb which the population is no where near as nice but least I get to play!

It is very rough for people working, having families, etc for sure. Best of luck on Smolderweb!

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