#Free The Nose - Darkspear Troll Heritage Is Abysmal - All Feedback Ignored

Say it loud say it proud, #Free The Nose! Did you guys see the new Murloc set they released on the ingame shop? They worked twice as hard on that what an absolute shame.

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A weapon more like the Replica Staff of Gul’dan.

Which I have used on trolls.

The murloc set will make them oodles more money

I’ve always liked using that one on my Trolls too. Never should have been necessary especially after the heritage quests but here we are…

#Free The Nose! Premium work for premium prices!

Lmao I like the hashtag for this.

A troll’s nose is a very precious thing.


They say it possesses powerful mojo if dried up, grated, and sprinkled into beverages.

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How do you think Diablo IV ended up with a fat Druid?

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I didn’t mind the fat Druid but there should have been a not fat option especially since customization was supposed to be a huge feature. The lack of effort being put into what would be considered non core feature aspects of the main story are just so bad par, it’s clear they’re just doing the bare minimum.

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It’s been on a steady decline, Dragonflight started out so strong then they started ignoring feedback again after Season 2 and here we are at 10.2.7 and they’re just dishing out sloppy stuff like this without so much as an explanation why we’re wrong. If they set is great and they worked really hard on it, why do some many people think otherwise?

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They had that huge apology tour and made it out like they were a changed company and they wanted to go back to producing a great product and make their customers happy then just 2 Seasons later they were right back to where they started.

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Our noses are sacred to us to cover them is to cover who we are! #Free The Nose!


Reminds me of the South Park movie with the whole “I can change I can change!” music number. They’ll never change anymore than they need to to get your money.


Yeah to be honest they might not be getting my money much longer, the whole thing kinda left a bad taste in my mouth, like how when they cut corners on stuff I didn’t care about but others did I didn’t speak up, but now that their loveless efforts have entered my spheres I’m kinda not liking how it feels.

Same here, if ReMop doesn’t fully capture my attention (only reason it would is a chance for rare mounts) I’m likely to pull my card over it as well, if they’re not trying I’m not paying that’s pretty much all there is to it.

I’m holding out hope for them to fix the set, I don’t think they’ll add anything to the questline but I’m actually a little devasted they put so little effort into the armor, I’ve definitely been playing less since the set arrived and I’m unsure where my drive is going to be at if some changes aren’t made.

Me too :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I already felt bad about supporting Microsoft and before that Activision but the poor roll out of this round of heritage sets really didn’t land well with me. I’ve definitely been less active in game.

It’s wild because outside of the atrocious masks, the rest of the set is fantastic.

The masks (all 3 of them) are just THAT bad.

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I’ve got a lot of gripes with the rest of the set mostly related to how it wasn’t fitted to the actual Troll model and not living up to it’s cultural predecessors which a heritage armor definitely should, but as a regular troll armor I think it’s ok except for the masks the masks are an absolute joke and how they snuck an elephant past security is a mystery to me.

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For some reason one of my biggest gripes has to be the belt latch, it’s just mocking me every time I look at it. They could have used ANY literally AANYY other shaman/troll/voodoo mask shape and it would have made the whole set 20% better but instead they went with a weird little shape that no Troll has ever worn before. To me it just sums up the absence of Fs they gave while making it all in one piece