Free Game Time?

I want to delve into Classic WoW once again, but I can’t justify buying a month-subscription if I’m not going to like it. Is there any way to get 24hrs of free game time?



If you want game time for WoW , and have enough gold on one server on retail, you can purchase a token from the character selection screen and get gametime that way.

This is probably the only way.

Only thing you can do for free is start up a starter account and be able to play to level 20…here is a link to their site explanation.

Starter accounts do not have access to Classic WoW, before anyone tries it thinking it does.


So far no one has stated that.

Cannot vouch for anyone below you who will not even pay attention to anyone other than OP, and their own post unless a comment is directed at them.

It said you need an active subscription to play classic when I tried.

If you got the gold, suck it up and pay via WoW token for sub.

if you can’t afford 15 bucks to take a chance on a game. you prob should be looking to level up irl.


So… you’ve played Classic… you should know what it is like.

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Exactly. You cannot just have a trial account to access Classic.

The $15 sub fee is less than dining out or going to a movie, and the game time lasts an entire month. I would say it’s worth taking a chance on to see if you’re going to like it. One 24 hour period probably wouldn’t be long enough to test the waters anyhow.

Your sub would have to be a full sub for Classic access, so a free day wouldn’t work. Take a chance, spend the $$ or use gold for a token and check out Classic, and maybe even try retail again.

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