Free character transfers

I didn’t transfer in time and now i have no one on my server to play with. All my friends switched servers. I stayed behind for a day because i had plans with a few randoms that i didn’t want to flake out on. Then, out of nowhere, the server migration ends
I submitted a ticket, but they said there is nothing they can do. Has anyone heard information about them re- opening the free migrations? I know a lot of people have been having this same issue and I’m really hoping they do something soon, because at this point im not really sure if i want to continue playing. And i don’t have it in me to start all the way over. I’ve put way too much time in and having to re do all the same quests… I won’t make it lol

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I have the other problem where me and a group of friends decided to xfer to a dead server in the hopes that more people over time would get fed up with the 2-3 hour queue times and also come over. Now, unless there are new players rolling on this server, we have reached our limit. This is terrible as there are currently only a handful of players on the server

See that’s another issue with this. They stopped the free character migrations while servers are still full. There’s still a 2 hour wait time on my server

But then they closed it and now not only is that wait time not going to go down, it leaves a bunch of nearly empty servers on the other end

Over in CS, they said there are no current plans for free transfers.

That being said, they were having the devs look into paid transfers as they “came in at the end of vanilla.”

So sounds like you may be able to pay for it in the future

If they offer paid transfer soon they will really have done all they can to screw up their servers. They should offer free transfer from the high pop realm to those dead realm for longer tho, but the other way around and ppl on those joke server can farm devilsaur uncontested and make gold for an epic mount in a day once they transfer to a real server.

What if I am wanting to transfer from a medium server to another medium server since that is where my friends are. I was hoping the transfer off Stalagg would be to Netherwind but, alas, it was to heartseeker, a server that they created instead of offering the chance to go to Netherwind which was a low/medium pop in the same time zone and also a PVP server.


Check wowhead. Blizzard just opened up transfers again, starting tomorrow (Thursday).

I am sure the Dev team will evaluate the realms population soon to see how the realms look before they decide to open the migrations again. In a perfect world, they would love to have none of the realms have queue times, but that might not be a dream that can come true so they will most likely do what they can to lower the queue times as low as they consider reasonable.

EDIT. Just noticed they are doing more migrations tomorrow so there is that. I think honestly the people on Full realms are too scared to move to lower populated and newer realms because there won’t be many people on them.

… don’t need to check wowhead - is it stickied at the top of this section of the forum

Free transfers are opening up again tomorrow.

See: Free Character Moves for this Region

OP didn’t post on his classic toon, so not sure if his server is applicable.

Check the blue posts, they have reinstituted transfers.