Free Character Transfers Ninja Removed

Can a Blue please weigh in on this?

Per the original thread, the warning provided was that “Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.”

The destination realms for free transfers were not close to becoming full and yet transfers to those realms have apparently been removed. The warning explicitly states that transfers will be removed “without warning” if those realms became full, but that is not the case here.

Frankly, no warning would have been better because we were given false information that we relied on.

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Soooo…you’re mad because they gave a warning.

I just…


. Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.


They didn’t give a warning that they would remove the service before those realms became full. They said if they became full, which they did not. Nor were they even close to becoming full.

I’m not upset that they gave a warning. Warnings are good. I’m upset that they gave a warning that they did not adhere to, since it provided us with information that was false.

Maybe this is a sign that paid transfers are incoming?


Arcanite Reaper, Anathema, and Earthfury are full? News to me because I could’ve sworn they all peak at Medium and are never higher than that during peak hours.

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I wish more than anything I would have pulled the trigger on Heartseeker


yep me too

How do you know? And what does “full” mean, in the context of stopping character transfers TO that realm?

Blizzard knows the exact number of characters on the realm, and the exact number of players behind those characters. Blizzard uses those numbers (and possibly other things, like prime-time queues) to decide when a realm is “full”.

You have no numbers, so your decision that “this realm is not full yet” means nothing. Blizzard did not say that transfers would close when “Shalishska decides that the realm is full in Shalishka’s opinion”.

News to me too. But I have nothing to go on, except anecdotal evidence based on the word “FULL” on the Realm Selection page. And that page may have a different definition of “FULL”. The word can have different meanings in different contexts.


Its because they believed enough people were dumb enough to take these free transfers to empty realms. They thought enough would move to make them semi sustainable.

15 years of history with blizz and actiblizz and were not taking the bait. At some point they’re going to have to merge realms and allow paid transfers. Looks like they are given up on hoping enough sheep jump to dead realms.

Good point. There are an awfully large number of layered realms still, on day 51 (week 7) of Classic. I don’t know whether Blizzard expected “interest in Classic” to drop faster than this, but 7 weeks seems like a long time to me.

Blizzard doesn’t have the right people at the head of wow and thats a fact.

Exhibit A. - BFA

They launched with 8 servers? or something ridiculous even though players were screaming at them to add more before launch.

lon is so out of touch with the player base its actually nauseating. The hate they show for pvp’rs shown in retail is the most face palm worthy development I have seen in any game EVER.

Wow suffers when pvp suffers historically speaking.

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They probably remove the previous wave of free transfers because they were planning to release a new wave of free transfers that just got open a few hours ago.

Thanks for the update. I assumed something was in store and I just wanted clarification.

I saw a notice about a new wave – but only for European servers. Is that what you saw, or did you see an NA announcement? If so, where was it announced? I only look at wowhead.

Those realms may have been full in the context of a single layer prime time population not quite reaching queue status.

Edit: Or what the above posters said about a new wave. I learned something!

This is a bad attempt to “lawyer” Blizzard’s wording.

They gave no warning. We were warned they would do that.

Attempting to add in prerequisites doesn’t work.

For example: define full. Is that based on the label on the realm select screen or an internal number Blizzard established.

Remember, that realm select screen label is based on the most full realm. Medium populations could be considered full once we go to no layering.

Top sticky post on the classic forums you scrolled right past it to get to this post:

You’re the one guilty of the bad lawyering. Go on Arcanite Reaper during prime time and tell me with a straight face that it’s “full” by any reasonable person’s definition.

I did not add any stipulation to the warning. The Blizzard employee did in their post and I quoted it.

Yes, yes you did. You assumed what they meant by “full”