Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms

You’re not gonna even look at factions?
Are you serious?
There’s usually 2 to 7 level 70 Alliance players online at peak time on SULFURAS and we still don’t get to play most parts of the game? No Alliance will transfer here, guess were just SOL.

Make the appropriate changes before you implement this or I’m done. I’m not resubbing.

I’ll add that who ever is in charge of this is extremely bad at his/her job and needs to be replaced.


Now do Netherwind.


Im horde on sulf, and as much as the alliance annoyed me in pvp sometimes, im not so stupid to blame them for this. The entire faction bailing out to benediction because they could is a failing of blizzard. What’s happened to sulfuras, to you, and to the rest of us is a travesty and the blame must fall firmly on blizzard. I hope we get our alliance back one day, for your sake and mine, but frankly with announcements like these completely missing the mark I’m not holding my breath.

They dont seem able or willing to manage their own game anymore.


Take the HIGH/FULL realms OFF the destination list before this goes live! It should only be LOW → MEDIUM!


Question for you folks since I have not done a transfer in ages…

If I want to preserve things like macros, bindings, add-on settings etc., do I just copy the character folder from WTF to the new server, and rename it if I have to change the character name? Or is there anything else I should be doing?

I wouldn’t move from a LOW pop to MED pop personally. It’s a nuisance losing character names and getting to know a new community only to have the risk that the MED pop server will become LOW soonish.

Sorry MED poppers! You’re going to be the new LOW.

Well this is disappointing. Everyone is going to transfer to Benediction, Faerlina, Whitemane, and Grobbulus. Mid-size realms won’t get any new players and continue to slowly die out. Dead factions on high/med pop servers will continue to be dead.

These transfers are great for the people on those dead realms but Blizz overlooked a significant chunk of their playerbase.


Well I mean we knew that what they were doing was completely financially motivated. Their goal was to kill the low pop servers so that they could close them. The one sided realms like netherwind, Fairbanks, etc. are piles of cash because the dominant faction will transfer off/quit. Fairbanks horde has been dropping over the past few weeks.

I am alliance on Fairbanks, and although I was slightly hopeful, I knew in the back of my mind that blizzard probably did not have the analytic ability nor the financial incentive to fix population imbalances. People on medium one sided realms will be juiced for their transfer money just like the realms that came before them.


We’ve hung on this long and with transfers things would have gotten better, not worse. But Blizzard didn’t list most mediums as a destination and the ones that did get cherry picked are listed next to HIGH and FULL realms… who the hell is going to take a free transfer to a struggling medium realm when a high realm is on the list?

Blizzard has bailed out all the lows, but left those of us on mediums to rot.


Why would you block version xfers? Those servers are not savable at all

Alliance is leaving faerlina for bene and horde and leaving bene for faerlina

It’s over man faction balance was a classic thing

When this was initially posted I was hopeful that Blizzard finally figured it out. After seeing the list of server that are eligible this is a strictly for-profit move. By only allowing the beyond dead server free X-fers, and making servers like Benediction eligible destination realm’s - all that Blizz is accomplishing is getting people that have cancelled their sub rather than pay ridiculous sums for a transfer, the incentive to return to the game. The benedictions of the world will continue to get larger, and in turn will continue to destroy middle to lower pop servers and suck more players to them via PAID transfers.


Why is Netherwind not getting a free realm transfer? Its supposed to be a PVP Realm and there are only 100 Horde on the server, while there is 2500 alliance. This defeats the whole point of the realm. There is no good reason for anymore horde to transfer here, while alliance numbers have been dropping day by day. Lastly, the argument saying its a “medium” pop realm is truly an absolute joke. There is zero activity during the day/weekdays. There is nobody to do heroic dungeons so players are so desperate they need to pay 100 gold just to get someone to tank/heal a dungeon!?!?! This is very upsetting. If this doesn’t change I’m am not renewing my subscription. It makes perfect sense why the company is in free fall.


You forgot the Horde on Westfall!

Quick question… can this service be used multiple times to move a few characters over? Someone was suggesting you can only transfer one character for free, which makes this service pretty much useless.

guess that’s GG for alliance left on whitemane and faerlina. They didn’t take faction balance into consideration at all.

If only Blizzard would allow free transfer from medium pop server to high pop server.

Another promising measure that turned out to be disappointing.

Alliance can still transfer there… just saying

I applaud the effort, but this will (as a few others have mentioned) basically just cause more “low” pop servers with the current mediums as low pops all transfer to high pops. Transfers should have been opened to all servers to any server to let players have agency in how they want to play. If we aren’t moving towards a merged server solution this will just continue down the same path as the past…

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poop i was hoping to get the rest of my ally toons off fairbanks without opening the wallet again

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Unbelievable. Please take medium population servers in consideration. Nethwerind has about 35 Horde raiders left, of which 30 of them are in our guild. Horde side is completly dead, Action House is inexistant with only mats sold by bots. We have to use 3rd party software to manage schedule and basic stuff such as dungeon runs because there isnt just 5 players online at any time for a specifc dungeon.

Alliance players are legit surprised to see any Horde player and are just cheering us on when they see us.
Blizzard is just screwing all medium pop servers with those transfers. At this point they should’ve opened the valve all the way and let people transfers from any server to any other one. Can’t be worse than now.
At this point I wouldn’t mind sitting in a queue on a megaserver for 10 minutes if it means I’ll be able to enjoy the life of the game once i’m logged on.