Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms

Why are you not limiting factions to specific servers. Like Bene doesnt need more alliance and white/faer dont need more horde


Why would you not give us some PVE options to move to?? These destination realms are majority trash options.

They announced free transfers were coming like a week ago, so that’s kind of on you. That still sucks though. Ask for a refund, worst they’ll do is say no. Friend of mine transferred last week like 12 hours before they made the announcement and they refunded it for him.

Still looking for free transfers off felstriker, I want to get alts off that server. It sucks that we don’t get free transfers even though there is 1 alliance guild and 1 horde guild with the horde guild only having enough players to scrape through karazhan. Stop being so oblivious to the situation of some servers.

so every1 is just going to move to the highest pop server they can, why not have them transfer to medium pop servers.

Thunderfury is one of the only (somewhat) balanced mid-pop pvp servers left. There’s like 400 people left on DD and Thunderfury was one of our frontrunners for the transfer until everyone there said that it was dying. I don’t know how anyone could look at a server with 4k players and say its dying, but I guess its all in perspective.

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Yeah there are only 2 options, Benedication or Whitemane

none of those other options matter

Also they took the bottom 13 servers in pop, when there are definitely way more servers that need help escaping their realms dying

Thank you blizzard for forgetting the 30 Ally and 20 horde left on Felstriker. I guess we’ll just stay here and fight the farmers for mats and almost start hating life.


How long will the Free transfer window be open?


Err non-rp servers transferring to grobb? Alliance dominated servers with free transfers to a 40h/60a server? Am I missing how this is good?

Sucks they can be so bad at their job and we just have to suffer for it

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All you guys transferring from low pop servers come to Felstriker we can’t go anywhere and there is 30 of us left in ally and 20 horde maybe we can get ourselves to a decent pop


felstriker only has 55 people on it, how does that not warrant a free transfer off, no one is going to go to that dead realm


and 5 of them are most likely farmers

should have been felstriker to Yojamba

shhh your using logic that’s not allowed here


Particulary empty when you consider the fact that Felstriker isn’t even included in the source realms.

Blizzard … hello???

The server has like 1 guild left on it… the rest of the population are bots farming herbs. Please fix.

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very clear case of blizzard doesnt play their own game

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Horde, come to Benediction. We need more to help balance out this influx of alliance. It used to be an awesome, balanced server before the last round of transfers. We still have the highest horde pop of any server iirc, so there’s plenty of guilds, pugs, etc. We’re just outnumbered almost 4:1 now.

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Can I please ask why Felstriker is not a source realm? Quite often I /who and there are less than 10 people online, in fact a few times I have been the only person online. Surely a mistake has been made here? Very dissapointed