Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms

In my opinion instead of a free transfer, just do a server merger. Merge ALL the low and medium population PVP servers together. Figure out how to manage Firstname/Lastname (Character name / Server name) and lump them all together on a server. Then reclaim all the unused server capacity to save money or rebalance elsewhere. Set it up for scalability during content patches. Make sure nobody waits in a long login queue. This is what everyone wants anyway. Nobody wants to grind 10k gold for guild bank slots on a new server and use some weird variant of their old server name because their name is already taken on the new server. If you want to include Normal and PVP in the merger, just use the pvp flag to manage. If not, merge the normal servers together to give them their own experience.

They want to see bodies in the cities. They want to see people in chat. They want to pug spots in groups. They want an active auction house. They want their character name.
They don’t care what the server is.

Layering algorithms will need more attention to make zones feel less crowded. Login priority may be a thing too. If someone has been logging in consistently and 2,000 offline players log in for the next phase, give the dedicated player priority. “/played 30d” could be a metric. Better yet, just scale the server up during the start of a new phase and scale back as people log off.

In the world of virtualization, it seems like server capacity limits shouldn’t be a thing.


bUt I wAnT tO kEep mY nAmE

Please include some medium- population servers (and Fairbanks) in this list. Dying rapidly.


This is long overdue, y’all already milked out enough transfer revenue from the players desperate to play on populated realms where they can find a guild, groups and actually buy/sell on the AH. 3/4 of the TBC realms are desolate ghost towns, if you’re not on a mega server like Benediction, Whitemane or Faerlina then it’s hard to get the best possible experience out of TBC classic. At least blizz didn’t go overboard with SOM servers.

They still milking it…there is no reason that it should be “In the next couple of weeks” this is something that can simply be done at any point in time. They still tryin’ to get money from everybody they possibly can first


Are you bums ever going to get this right or just keep demanding handouts?

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Grobbulus is one of the most populated servers. Your point makes no sense at all. There’s no population issue on that server. Just on the other two (which were launched AFTER the original server announcement).

So congrats on not understanding how stuff works, I guess.

I’d like to see a merge more so than transfers. It’d suck to leave behind guild bank slots. Would also like to see effort to balance horde\Ally. 60 -40 if nothing else.


FrEe TrAnSfErS cOmInG

How about just do it rather than sit on your thumbs longer?


I hope that blizzard also includes multiple toon transfers off low population servers. A lot of low pop guilds survived this long due to alts and helping each other in multiple ways. Please be sure to implement this when you are doing your free low to high pop transfer service!

I also would like to advocate for gbank transfers as well but that may be more complicated.


So they put this announcement to hold people hostage on other realms as they now dont want to waste money for a transfer. Kind of silly :slight_smile:


Since you’re going to put the final nail in the coffin for all low pop servers, at least allow us to take all our stuff with us.

  • Allow multiple character transfers off low pop servers per account
  • Remove the transfer gold cap on character transfers made using these free transfers

I’ve been playing on a low pop server since vanilla classic and now have several 60+ characters and more gold than the character limit would allow me to xfer (by the current xfer gold cap) on that server.

By now, the majority of the alliance guilds on the server have decided that if free xfers are made available they are xfering off, including my current guild. I really would like to go with them, but if I’m going to be forced to leave stuff behind, then I’d rather cancel my sub, as the other option would be to play on an empty server.

I really like playing the game (yes we exists, contrary to what reading these forums would suggest), but you keep forcing my hand by making bad moves, the last two being announced nerfs to current content before the next phase arrives and xfers from low pop to high pop (server merges would have been better imho, but i don’t know if that is possible).

-My 2cents


WEEKS TO COME…by then you will lose another 5k - 15k or so players…because you don’t wanna pull the trigger

I took that to mean within North America vs Oceana, Europe, etc…

This is great, but looking at the realm list… not many servers of the same type with the population types you laid out… might want to look at this further.

It’s been a week. So this is happening in the next week? That would make it a couple of weeks. :slight_smile:

Need it done now , servers are empty.


So, it’s been a bit since this was announced, any updates for us? I would like to start transferring characters off the dead realm and into the one I am active on now, but it wasn’t worth the money. Now that it might be free I would have a few characters to bring over.

Where is the follow through Blizzard…We are loyal customers getting excited by news you bring us only so that we get left in purgatory and ghosted with no response or updates.