Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms

man that really sucks! i think its a bit different now. id give it another shot if some people had this expereince. i have heard that there were some pretty elitist people in the past regarding RP. BUT— i think people are a lot more open and friendly about new RPers and really improving the community right now. I have seen a lot of people from DD recently strengthening the RP community and posting up events. They had a newspaper advert requesting content earlier this week i think!

Playing on a 2005 laptop for the TRUE TBC experience! I salute this man.

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I almost forgot, there was also that white supremacist guy that was the GM of a guild. THAT made national news lol.

Did it? I never saw it.

Imagine that makes news while for the last 2 years we are screwed as a species by our governments…


jesus christ. glad i wasn’t around that. regarding racism, homophobia, transphobia and use of terrible slurs, etc. i have not seen much of that or interacted with anyone that has engaged in such activity since coming to grobb in November. I don’t plan on interacting with anyone like that either. not saying that doesnt exist. crappy people exist everywhere but it seems that those types of people know that’s not cool on this server (as of now). immediate block to those who engage in that crap. i’ve seen that garbage on other servers a lot more frequently (when i was playing on multi servers in classic) and on my old server.

if grobb does get a influx of horde. here’s to the hope they are not crappy people and are good persons . people who respect the RP and have good vibes. if you are not going to respect rp and be crappy person, grobb doesn’t want ya!

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The complete list of source and destination realms in the first post of this thread has been updated, as several new free character transfers are now available.


Open up Free Transfers to the the mega realms.

You know what people want, tell your Manager, their Manager, and your VP, that the people paying your salaries are tired of being squeezed for every last penny.



Can Myzrael be added horde are kinda getting it rough over here

Here they come!

Just going to gloss over dead factions on big servers as usual I guess. RIP to all the homies we left behind on Benediction

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This is a joke right?

“You can transfer off of any of the dead or dying realms to any other dead or dying realm, but if you want to go where there are actually people… that’s still $25”.

You guys created and enabled the mega servers… the COMMUNITY has declared that is what they want with their $25’s (and free transfers before it).

Yet… this…

It’s insulting.


come to grobb hordies. lets go! bring your rp sets, raiding gear, and pvp sets! see you there! 8)


Just a small error, its says that Herod can transfert to Herod lol.

We’ll see you again in a few weeks when some of these servers you hope people transfer to end up being dead as well.

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How generous of you to open this up after most guilds have transferred and given Blizzard thousands of dollars. Great.


If most horde go Grob it will be a very balanced server


No earthfury? Guess I’m stuck on a 100% horde server that’s dying. Thanks for nothing.


At what point are you going to look at the dead realms on retail and do another set of merges.

Grobbulus is at ~65% Alliance.

WHY is Blizzard allowing both factions to transfer?

Do they not care at all about server health?

We need Horde. Do not destroy yet another server.


Don’t fret. Alliance don’t exist on these servers. As it stands right now Grobb is gonna see a sizeable influx of Horde.