Free Character Transfers – Wrath of the Lich King Classic

not too sure why people are getting annoyed with transfers and what not. nothing really changes except the name. i dont see much of the big dealz

So we can pay for a transfer out but not eligible for a free one ? is that what that this means ? inquiring minds likes to know.

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While I do agree with you rl is different than a game. Not the least that the pop of the US is about 350 million and the game has only a few million at most now. That’s a significant difference in unique names.

What if someone has a bank guild? Will that transfer with them?

And is there a limit to the number of characters?


Historically, no, it will not.

Twice =/= never. I know facts are inconvenient and annoying to you but it took about 20 seconds to fact check this.

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Thanks to the team for the update on this. However, I feel like this list is incomplete. There’s a ton of servers that are left off that would really benefit from free transfers for people that don’t want to go to mega servers like Bene.

I’m a guild leader on Grobbulus and we would really benefit having people be able to transfer there as well. It’s a great community and would give people another opportunity to join a server that might not be as huge.

It seems strange to allow transfers to Atiesh and not Grobb. On behalf of the Grobb community, it would be really helpful to allow us to people to transfer there as well so we can continue to recruit for our guilds and keep the community alive.

I feel like if we don’t have this Grobb will fade away early into Cata, which will be a huge bummer. Please reconsider this! Thanks again.


Since we are being forced to move will there be a limit to how much gold we can bring on a character?

Unsure of why you’re trying to direct users to specific servers rather than giving them the option to go from PVE → PVP and vice-versa. Many people in my server (Ashkandi) transferred to Faerlina and given that PVP realms are largely one-sided anyway, there’s not really a reason to restrict which mega-server we’re being directed to.

cries in Grobbulus guild leader

I know lots of folks want to preserve Grobbulus, but it hasn’t been the same for a long time. Open it up to incoming transfers, Blizz. Don’t forget about us.

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Would you all please consider running a sale on character services? (Server Xfer, Faction Xfer, Etc.)

If not now, it would be nice so see during prepatch.


Please clarify what’s going to happen to guilds/gbanks. Are we really going to have to blow our gold on gbank tabs again through no fault of our own?


Are free transfer available now and if so where does one go to do this? I never transferred a character before.

Bloodsail Buccaneers being left behind again is a punch in the gut. Our server became too low population to reliably recruit in and raiding there does not seem doable if it remains that way. RP events have become so few and far in between. It is a dead server that really needs this kind of attention. I want to play cataclysm, but I don’t want to say goodbye to friends who do not wish to pay for a transfer.


I consider it a big deal to lose the thousands of gold I have invested in Guild Banks, plus all the content in those banks.


Please Save Bloodsail Buccaneers! I understand this is the only Rp realm but this server is dead!

How exactly do I do this?

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Please add free transfers from RP realms as well. I used one from Pagle when Wrath Classic launched, and now I’m on a very low-pop realm (Bloodsail Buccaneers)

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Please add Bloodsail Buccaneers to this list (as mentioned by multiple people above). The server is incredibly small, and seems unlikely to recover.

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What a pack of morons. Does anyone working there have any live brain cells? I hope everyone quits. Then you can take your game and this retarded transferring of characters and stick it where the sun don’t shine