Free Character Moves Started Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. PDT


Very exciting! I will certainly be transferring my main. Blizz underestimated how many people would be on the servers, it’s gonna be hard to get rid of layering. Queues are gonna go up 3x in the next few weeks boys. Get out while you still can


They’re prepping for the removal of layering. While you aren’t seeing long queues, you will once layering is removed.


Heartseeker has a pretty fun world chat boys the waters fine


They didn’t overestimate the need, they underestimated the need, which is why there were extremely long queues and they had to keep opening more realms.

The realms that are low pop are low because many people are hesitant to transfer and are remaining on overly populated realms.

And you also need to remember that if a medium pop realm has more than a full realm had in Vanilla, a low pop realm more than likely has more than a typical low pop realm as well.


This. Balancing the servers with slow, controlled transfers before p2 is the smart move now. Do it with purpose.



/10 characters


everyone taking the game seriously should, by now in WoW’s lifespan, know that being on a high pop server is better than a lower one. even counting in queues and struggles and imbalances.


Why put a hard end date on it? Just keep the free transfers up until they are no longer needed.


5068 in queue for Herod at the moment.

If people weren’t so stubborn, Earthfury would be high pop in a day.


Remember that when phase 2 hits all layering needs to be gone. It doesn’t have a queue now, but what about when the cap is 3k and then everyone else sits in an unmoving queue?


This is the problem and this is why there aren’t as many people moving as Blizzard would like. There are 30 of us on Skeram & 30 of us on Sulfuras that want to play together. Sulfuras was the back up PvP East server to Skeram on launch day but they can only transfer to different servers. Lift these damn restrictions so people can move to the same server and play with their friends.


as of right now 8 do. All 8 of which that are listed here.

(Metrohaha) #34

It wont happen on this server.
During the day its barely medium.
I understand the biggest ones for sure, but funneling people off it while continuing to make more and more realms is going to doom this project.
The queue will be the least of our worries by the time phase 3 and 4 are out.

(Azraia) #35

I was confused about Westfall being opened up to transfers too. During the day it’s low, sometimes medium. Nighttime is high, but never full, or with a queue… I just hope this doesn’t spread the population too much.

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Ya, well honestly I hate to say it, but I hope no one actually goes to those realms.
They have created far too many realms and trying to convince people to leave health realms with no queue to go to those very small realms is not good for anyone.
Eventually, those realms will not support a health population.
Its just a matter of time.
Let’s not ruin the ones that were there since launch as well.


Most of those realms don’t even have queues… Benediction had a queue on labor day of like 400 people lol.

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And so it begins. Hasn’t blizzard learned anything?


Yeah no. Full realms have the population of 5 realms jammed into one. You can thank layering for hiding that from you. They need to spread the population out if they have any plans to turn off layering.

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This. I mean, a lot of the high pop servers don’t have a queue. Why the transfers? We’ve been down this path before.


Its amazing how the forum can whine about layering for 4 months than immediately forget that it exists.

Mankrik would have a queue of 12k right now if layering was off.