Free Character Moves for this Region - October 17


Herod is severly unbalanced, I checked with an alt account. U keep coming to forums and saying that but i think ur just trying to make urself feel better.


Nonsense. You don’t have any data to back that up. I see Alliance everywhere. If Herod was so unbalanced we would see Alliande posting about it here on the forums like they did Stalagg.


Serious more full server transfers to go to another high pop server??? Why! I feel bad for windseeker


we need transfers from stalagg. this is absolutely ridiculous. second wave of transfers and we’re overlooked yet again?


Not for nothing… Getting off this server as alliance is almost a must… the population is so skewed that its a joke. Every zone, dgn entrance, quest area are so over run it makes its beyond fair to even try and compete.


Blizzard you really going to ignore the imbalanced servers and kill Pvp servers like retail? This is pathetic effort on your part honestly such incompetence from you every freaking year over everything


really look at all the people from stalagg complaining and we are getting nothing, and i feel bad for the ally on our server at this point. like someone stated we didn’t get transfer the first wave or this one Wtf is going on.


If it makes you feel any better you may not get that many transfers unless people actually want off the upwind realms in the list.

I can’t speak for Mankrik or Pagle, and I don’t presume to speak for all of Atiesh either…
Even though I will mention the crowing on Atiesh and how it affects my game play I just don’t see a lot of Atiesh people desiring to move over unless they turn off our layering tomorrow at the same time. Or maybe if there are Atiesh people who now just really want and EDT server but not sure how many people are aching for that.


When will paid transfers become available?


Same. Just can’t bring myself to reroll yet again.


I also question why Blizzard expects people to move when layering already solves any problem that a bloat would cause. If there’s no queue, then players don’t see a problem, due to layering. So what’s the incentive to move?

They need to just go ahead and turn layering off everywhere, then when players suddenly can’t quest or farm due to over crowded areas, THEN they will want to move. Instead Blizzard wants to balance populations first, expecting players to move when there’s no real incentive to do so.

Once again, Blizzard does not understand player mentality. Players do what’s best for THEM, personally, not statistics nor everyone else. So they keep opening transfers again and again, wondering, “hmm, why aren’t people moving?” A better question is, “why would they move?”


Based on other conversations I’ve seen I’m inclined to believe that the crowding I already see won’t worsen, but maybe I’d start seeing queues. I will admit I didn’t put any thought into how I’d feel about queues until just now because I thought Atiesh was “safe” so to speak. It would take a pretty bad queue to make me switch.


Any chance you’re going to fix the massive alliance imbalance on Heartseeker? Its completely unplayable for the Horde.


Not completely…


I do not understand why this isn’t a thing.

Most players do NOT want to play on significantly imbalanced servers.


Hello Dev Team,

I have played a character up to 51 on a PVP server and find myself wishing I was on a non pvp server due to the relentless ganking experienced. Can we have the option to port to a non pvp service in the near future?


Looks like time for Blizzard to trash more server faction balance \o/


I’m on Herod alliance. Herod is heavily unbalanced. I posted it in this thread. Your argument is ruined.


Well, I believe it is the case for you since you are playing horde on heartseeker, but if the majority of players don’t want the imbalance, why do they keep rolling on the dominating faction’s side? It seems to me that the majority of people want the imbalance, and people who don’t are a vocal minority.

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Can we just get paid transfers to get our characters off these dead destination realms?

I essentially lost my 60 after someone convinced me to transfer to Arcanite Reaper. That realm was so dead that it was unplayable.

I do not encourage anyone to make the same mistake I made by switching off of a populated realm onto these dead realms.