Free Character Moves Coming Soon

I hope leaving the Grobbulus rp pvp server is an option.
There are many people with no intention of supporting the RP environment and only started there for the low queues at the time.
They are essentially stranded.

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try to please everyone and u will please no one

Will anybody be able to transfer? On launch I picked whatever realm I could get into which was unfortunately a normal realm. I hope I get the option to transfer to a PvP realm.

Youll get long wait times too.

Please, please, PLEASE ensure factions aren’t completely destroyed. Whitemane is already 60:40 H:A, which sucks.

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I’m much more concerned about the people who literally can’t play.

The goal is to have no low pop realms. Sorry buckaroo.


What people need is a real time counter during the time the service is available.

[1] for alliance/horde pop on the realm that they can leave from
[2] for alliance/horde pop on the realm that they can leave to

i think its easier to blizz balance horde/ally allowing or not ppl to transfer.

I’m so glad this is happening. There was a lot of stubborn butthurt going on and this should alleviate it.

If people are still complaining after this? Well … then you just suck at life … sorry.

Just remember if you decide to move. You put your precious name at risk. You can’t undo that mistake.

my hope is that we are all given the same server to transfer to… [and i also hope thalnos is uninvited lol]

FYI: I hope people realize that if their character name or guild name is already taken on the target server they’re moving to, that they’re going to have to rename their character and/or guild as soon as they log in.

I imagine Blizzard will automate a command for free name changes.

But it isn’t the fault of the players already residing on your New Dream Server that you’ve decided to move there a week after launch, and no one is going to surrender their name to you.

Glad to hear it, Blizzard. Just don’t get any funny ideas about offering this as a paid service in the future. Please don’t restrict it too much. I want to get back on a server with my friends, not just go to the one place you think I ought to.

Oh, and please give us east coast people some time. A good number of us are about to be without Internet for a while.

Is it a race for you ?

BOO I like long ques!

Thanks for letting us know! This is fantastic news!

This is useless unless new servers are released, too. I’m looking at the login screen right now, and 15 servers are Full, 12 are High, and only 4 are Medium, with 1 Low. It won’t take much to max out all those servers, too. More servers are needed.

Although I won’t be moving anywhere. I had a hard enough time getting a character with my Vanilla’s mains name on ONE server. I’m not going to give it up now. Hopefully some of the riffraff will get cleared out of Stalagg so I can finally log in whenever I like and level past 20.

Realm details are here: