Free Character Moves Close at 11:00 a.m. on Dec. 5

sry thats the blizzard way.

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Hi can someone give me pointers on the free transfers in these dying stages? :open_mouth:
I’ve read the Free Character Realm Migration info. Is the free transfer only procced if you are in queue to enter the realm?

Please allow me to do a paid transfer from PVP to PVE.

I’ll gladly throw money at my screen so I may move my three most played toons to a more relaxed environment.


One thing is doing nothing to balance realms. Paid transfers would actually actively encourage disbalance to get far worse. Won’t happen.

Thank god, i need to get onto a pve server asap. I can’t even play the game with these mountains of horde death squads around.


PvP to PvE paid transfers please. Name your price I’ll pay it.


At this point give the horde what they want - all the Alliance unhappy with the imbalanced pvp servers to quit - give them their horde only pvp servers so they can finally be happy. With all the “l2p” griefers supporting Blizzard doing nothing active about faction balance maybe some other game later can learn a lesson after this ship sinks.

No paid transfers ever, unless you want a large percentage of us to go back “where we came from” if you know what I mean. I personally would quit, and look at how much I outgear all of these retail plebs crying. They aren’t the ones you want to cater to, they’re not the ones that truly love this game for what it is, they’re going to be playing shadowlands next year anyways and won’t even be playing classic.

The core playerbase of classic that will still be around years from now DO NOT WANT PAID TRANSFERS AND WE ONCE AGAIN WILL GO BACK “WHERE WE CAME FROM” and NEVER come back. If you screw up our server community to cater to these idiots who should’ve never rolled on PVP servers to begin with, we will go somewhere where paid transfers aren’t even an option. Bet.

P.S. I’m alliance on herod, cowards.


They really need to allow us to move PvP to PvE, PvP to PvP transfer does nothing for the amount of FP and Dungeon Entrance camping that is currently happening. I made a temporary toon for the 3 possible transfers my toon could make, and they were all in the same situation as the server I want to leave.
I realize I am on a PvP server, but what is happening right now in “World PvP” isn’t really PvP- I have been essentially level locked at 50-52 for 4 weeks. There is no interest in playing a character where 90% of your time played is corpse running. Becoming 60 won’t help either as I do not see BGs relieving what is currently happening, I’m not interested in a game where to attempt to farm or world travel results in Gang-Bangs or my existence is standing in IF waiting to raid or run a BG.


Then quit and go to retail. This isn’t the game for you. Server community is too fragile to have paid transfers, ninja looting would be common place as would a lot of dumb politics your retail brain is apparently too small to comprehend.

Some of us anticipated this game for years. I was hyped for this game for YEARS. I knew what I was getting into, I played original vanilla… did you?

Just because you didn’t know what you were getting into and are throwing a fit doesn’t mean our server’s should be completely screwed over and turned into a retail-like wasteland.

I’d rather just get camped until BGs come out, (which will remedy the situation, you’re completely ignorant to how the honor ladder works and why they won’t be there anymore) go to shadowlands man in ~2 years when all the casuals have quit you won’t be able to hang anyway. Youre going to get constantly stomped on in PVP anyways because judging by your mindset already you’re nowhere near good enough to play classic druid at a competitive level. (It is dogcrap in the hands of an average player needs a high skillcap to perform well and im willing to bet you ain’t got it.) Go to retail where you can toggle on warmode and press 3 buttons.

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lol shut up, we need paid transfers.


quiet please ive beaten avizura b4. There is no fragile community anymore, blizz already messed that up, let us go to the server we wanna play on. U a p server kid? come henhouse right now we’ll see who keyboard turns.

You don’t even understand how classic works. Single servers can’t work that way. Entire guilds will be colluding on taking over servers temporarily then moving to other servers, people will be strategically ninjaing loot and leaving only to do it over and over… you have no idea what you’re talking about. This game isn’t designed for server transfers… Yeah Blizzard screwed up on population ratios but that has absolutely nothing to do with what classic is supposed to be and how it’s designed and everything to do with the fact that they are out of touch. Server transfers wouldn’t help the game it would ruin it and if you can’t see that you’re probably a retail player who doesn’t have a firm grasp on what classic actually is.

P.S. Rogue V Rogue is all about who gets the opener and I don’t need to tell you that… You wanna flex your skill? Fight me on something like counterstrike or mordhau or hush up. You ain’t bad, you’re the one crying for server transfers… AS A HORDE LOL


lol? i will go mage. come lets go right now. Why would I go on mordhau lol? I dont play those games. Fight me mount and blade or strarcraft broodwar, actual skill games.

You can put a one time limit per xfer on ur character how about that, or a 6 months cooldown like b4. It would help ppl who have been baited on crappy servers at the launch like me. And theres a lot of us.


Paid transfers were in vanilla. #nochanges



I will pay to get off Stalagg, take my money Blizzard.


A 24 hour notice is all you’re going to give for this?
That’s pretty lame.


I would do this now but doesn’t there have to a queue first? Not happening this early in the morning. If there’s another way to make it happen I would love to know.

The Free Character Move service is now closed in this region.