Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

Too many alliance? Whitemane is 55:45 horde favored. You seem confused.


Yes, I confused Whitemane for Incendius.

My mistake.

With regards to Faerlina, I reserved names on Faerlina, and have been playing on Faerlina since launch.

I have a second account that I had played during queue times.

Yes, I think I should be allowed to transfer a character. I did not complain about all the things in the past that you complained about. I did something about it. Now, I am complaining.

You had four months to transfer those characters to Incendius. What were you waiting for?


Fair enough. I could have transferred earlier. In any case, not being able to transfer doesn’t reduce the number of accounts I would play concurrently.

But, quitting does :slight_smile:

Right now, Blizzard has an unsustainable mess on full realms. Sad to say, but they’ve done the math and decided the number of people who will quit over locking realm transfers is less than the number of people who will quit over allowing the queues to continue to worsen.


That’s a very reasonable thing to say. And, you’re probably quite right.

faerlina has too many horde any way. you will not be missed


(fwiw: It’s actually one of the most balanced servers, if not the most balanced).

What if I already have a lvl 60 character (main) on whitemane and I want to transfer the rest of my 60s there? I can’t do that anymore? There should be an exception made for players who already have lvl 60s on that server

SIR, simply faction specific transfers off an unbalanced server, and only said faction paid transfers to, will help try and balance faction issues.
DO it…
Control faction free leaving and paid to, that’s the best way to try and help solve faction unbalances.

For full servers close them to paid transfers to, and just allow character creation only.
This will stop massive streamer/youtuber plus followers mass guild migration to any one server, and to throw the faction balance out of wack on that server.
If a few people REALLY want to join a full server, they can have the option, might be disappointing, but an option to create a new toon and start over.
This limit the mass migrations, and will limit people coming to a full server to a few here and there, which will slow and major population swings from server to server.

OR/and, simply make a que to being able to transfer to said full server, like line up, so you put in a que to transfer to full server, and when the faction of full server lowers and your que comes up, you have the option now to transfer and not impact the server capacity???

These are winning polices…

I’m a Horde on Icendius #day1, I’m super disappointed in what happened to my server sir, and with the polices I’ve given you, should have be thought of and implemented, saving my server and over servers from this massive trauma.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Awesome that will work great. Tired of these 2 hour queues

Temporaly disabled meaning how long?

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Ok what about free transfers to get away from the people Transferring, you send us an army of toxic players who dished it out and couldnt take it and will probably do the same thing here. Hey I know how about some new servers just for those people, novel idea?

This pretty much sums up what happened to the mass horde exodus on Incendius.
Now you can implement policy to stop it, by listening to the mind set most people had/will have in the future if nothing is put in place to change this systematic problem.

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If I am going to play on Whitemane every day anyway, what difference does it make if I am able to move another character there if I want? It does not affect the population at all. At least allow character transfer for people who already have a 60 there or something.

Grat, you completely effed up Earthfury. WTF were you guys thinking ?

This is the nonsense that the player does then want to blame Blizzard. They EXPLICITELY state that you should make your free transfers ASAP because it could be cut off at ANY point, especially if the server gets full.

Once you all made the decision to transfer then everyone should have done so.

You even got some folks on here talking about they were waiting on mail. Clearly ya’ll only want to pay attention to Blizzard when it suits ya’ll and then want them to correct mistakes you are responsible for making and accuse them f trying t scam the player base.

There is a LOT of direct blame that Blizzard is responsible for that will be partially clouded because of comments like this

Should have thought of that before you chose to transfer to the fullest server in north america. Transfers closing at some point was inevitable.

Not sure what your personal issue with this is, but this action by Blizz should have been done weeks ago, imo., for the health of the full realms. Not absolutely sure but most issues with it would seem to be addressed by the free character transfers.

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You’re probably right for the most part. I just happen to be one of the edge cases that is affected.

I was going to transfer one of my alts to tank instances and help some new guildies get their pre-bis, but cannot do that now. It’s a temporary thing, and I suppose it doesn’t matter too much in the long run.