Free 100 boost?

So, is it just accounts that haven’t been subbed in a long time that are currently getting the 100 boosts? (Yes, 100, not 110). Or, are they just being given out sporadically?

What you talking about? Random boosts?

no clue what you’re talking about. i haven’t played in 7 years, and i just got the 110 boost for buying BFA and resubscribing. i haven’t heard of seen anything about a 100 boost. you must have got it on your account somehow during legion, and not realized it and now it’s popped back up becuase you didn’t use it.

Seen this on reddit too.

It’s probably a few boosts handed out to people who haven’t been subbed in a while to get them to play BFA.


Yea, this account is old. I just subbed and got a free 100 boost. I didn’t get one on my main account, though. I guess it’s for a promotion for new players…


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If you bought legion recently, then it will happen. If you buy BFA you get 110 boost.

Ok, I’m wrong. That is cool though.

Makes sense they’d do this to celebrate the 15th year. I would expect other unannounced promotions until and shortly after the official 15th year moment (Nov 23) to drum up business.

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On one hand I can understand them doing this to attract former players but it also makes me mad because the people who are here playing the game every day didn’t get squat for the anniversary. Then to give a 100 boost to someone who hasn’t played in years is a slap in the face for your loyal customers who have EARNED those 100 levels by participating every day, and now we get to play with level 100 players who possibly don’t even know how to play their class. Sorry, I just think it wasn’t very well thought out on Blizzards part.


Why don’t current customers also get 100 boost?


Because you are still playing WoW :grinning:

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No way!

If this is true, color me unhappy. It is a slimy deal to not reward subscribers while handing out freebies to folks who aren’t supporting you.

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You sure it wasn’t on the account and you just hadn’t used it?

Edit: nevermind… saw post below the one i replied to.

I still have my 100 and 110 boost :joy:

They already have your dollar. They are seeking dollars they don’t have. This is the second lesson of Capitalism 101.

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A few of my friends said they got one. I have no idea what they are for tho

If i recall Legion came with a lvl 100 boost. If somebody is taking their account up to legion that is what they would get, not a lvl 110. I still have a 100 bost sitting in the shelf from a different account I temporarily opened.