<Freakin Unicorns> Recruiting for Amirdrassil 7/9M 9/9H

About us:
Freakin Unicorns is a mythic raiding guild that was formed at the tail end of 8.3 with the goal of obtaining Cutting Edge. We successfully achieved our goal of CE in both Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination. After two tiers of achieving CE, we took a step back from pushing for CE and approached mythic more casually. While we have enjoyed a more relaxed approach to mythic, the raid team is looking forward to pushing for CE again in Amirdrassil: The Dream’s Hope. We are primarily focused on progression-oriented raiding but spend plenty of time in all aspects of the game, including rated PvP, M+, and casual content. We push ourselves and each other to be better, always aiming one step higher as a team. We value respect, community, and camaraderie, never wanting to lose sight of what makes gaming together fun.

Raid schedule:
Tuesday: 9pm-12am eastern time
Thursday: 9pm-12am eastern time

Raid needs:
Any Ranged DPS
Aug Evoker
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply.

Trial expectations:
The drive to improve personal play.
Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community.
Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, add-ons, and knowledge of the raid.
Minimum 2-week trial period.

For additional information please fill out:
Freakin Unicorns Application
Moonnstalker (Co-GM) – Bnet: Moon#1956 or Discord: Moon11424
Umbrane (Co-GM) – Bnet: Duce#1788 or Discord: Duce25

Bumping, still looking for above :slight_smile:

Come yeet bosses with us

Looking for heals and dps

Now 8/10H! Yeeting bosses at record pace, come hang.

Another day, another boss yeeted, now 9/10H.

H Denathrius prog and chill?

8/10 in one night, 10/10H this week. Will give cuddles for Boomies, Combusties, Unholies, and Resto Shammies.

Fire mage here and very much interested in linking with you guys :slight_smile: Just switched to Mage for Shadowlands, but many years of experience with other classes under the belt and available to answer any and all questions. Feel free to add me @ Mangg#1424 or reply to this message. Cheers <3

Still need 1 DPS and a couple quality heals for our Mythic prog. If you wanna yeet bosses at record pace with some pumpers, apply today.

Bump goes the rogue cloaked in shadows.

We have banter, you have good DPS and enough awareness to dodge avoidable mechanics. We’re basically a match made in heaven. Come yeet with us.

206 UH torow#1942

Mythic Shriek dead. Farm dying at record pace. Still looking for heals.

Sometimes I question the meaning of life, but then I remember that exists and that regardles of the answer to life’s eternal questions, bosses will be yeeted. Come join us!

H Denathrius down, AOTC achieved. Mythic lays before us, prime for the taking. Come yeet bosses with the worst warlock player on Zul’jin, Shadowcattra.

Looking for a solid boomie now, and maybe a shadow priest. Still need healers.

Still looking for some solid individuals. Have a great weekend.

You’re all I’ve ever wanted

Do boomkins exist?

M Destroyer prog starts in an hour, get that app in to get the chance to wipe on this dude for three hours. Hopefully less.