Four Hour Q is a bit much

You have 3 options, wait it out, transfer, or reroll.

I can’t have sympathy for those complaining of queues, specially horde atm, we were warned MANY times

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Benediction my people.

A bump up to four hours from just one hour, nobody knew going down to one layer was going to cause this. Forgive me if your a Tarot reader.

I mean it was rather obvious it would happen. They had layers of people because the world isn’t big enough to hold them all at once and still have proper gameplay.

Once those are removed, of course full servers would have queues again.

Not looking for any type of sympathy, just its frustrating when the queue was bumped up 400% from going down to one layer.

I mean, it was announced right here for you


Odd comment from a level 23 warrior, but gratz…?

It 100% makes sense seeing as your server probabaly had between 2-4 layers depending on the hour of day.

No one read the future. This was predicted and discussed by MANY sense launch.

Layers weren’t dynamic, they had 2 for a few weeks before it went to 1

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Cool man, thanks for the breaking news. Just mentioning the frustration. Since there are no numbers involved at any point in time mentioned, besides “excessive queues” Having it go up so dramatically is my point.

That’s pretty much the definition of excessive

They told you the oil was hot, you still reached in and complain about getting burned


Cool thanks for the info on “excessive” glad it means “from one hour to four hours”

Yup, what were you expecting? They specifically said ALL high pop servers may have long queues and then singled yours out for EXCESSIVE queues, so you expected it to what? Go up by 20 minutes?

So once again, wait it out, transfer or reroll, your choice


4 hour queue sucks but having to run to your computer every minute so u don’t get dc’d? Little much, I afk all the time, sometimes for 30minutes and catch it at the character screen and log back in. Ezpz

Yah but your still having to worry about it, that is kinda my point. You get DC/d on Faerlina god be with you.

Love you!!

cant handle the queue ? choose realm transfer


“Faerlina will be the streamer server, there WILL be queues” - everyone

“Cool, I’ll roll on that server and complain about queues!”- OP


why in the world these nubs roll on faerlina knowing it will be full of streamer’s fanboy cultists ?

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Hoagie, you know about chrome remote desktop. I know you know.

Stop whining.