Forum usage tips

If you hit control F you will get an in forum search box. If you hit it again you will get the actual browser search function.

If you put text between < and > it becomes invisible so you don’t have to worry about the 10 character minimum.

If you use the </> function while highlighting links you can post them without needing to change them.

Anyone got anything else?

There is a tiny x in whichever tab you have the forum loaded in. For the best user experience, click that and go about your day.


If you attack others you don’t have to worry about posting for a bit.

I posed on the EU and learnt [ s ] text [/s] does this text and stuff

Here I learn to be miserable :stuck_out_tongue:

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I typed in the secret to life using hidden text and you’ll never see it!

Evil laugh


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I heard the audio from that.

It doesn’t show up in the preview so I’m always worried about doing this, it doesn’t work, and i look like an idiot.

it does
No spaces in the text between < and > though

It’s ALL here!

that takes half the fun out of it but at least < and > isnt listed aha

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<Don’t worry it works just fine>

Lies :thinking:

I’ll be honest I only recently saw it actually, and it’s at the top of the forum every single day! :rofl:

So figured I’d link, give y’all a heads up too!

you did it wrong and now they will never try it :frowning:

no one cares about those threads.
They’re just there for blizzard to say “i told you so”

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