Forum Knights cherry picking topics to deconstruct the overall message!

More over they should have dispensed with the waves and just thrown out invites to everybody. then nobody would have to complain about streamers and all this internalized seething hatred for them wouldn’t have to exist.

complains about the streamers, then names a bunch of streamers. Is this a shill for a shill?

The blue post today about keys says an automated process will add users.

So I would say initially they hand-picked them, and then it’s just automated in following stages.

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“To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we’ll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in.”

Lirik sure is a dedicated WoW player Pepega

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That should be very apparent and you’re just stating the obvious.
Simple analogy for you, some sprinkles on top of the vanilla ice cream will hide the flavor.
Do you comprehend what i’m trying to get at?
Edit: In case you can’t understand that i’ll state it using even more simple terminology. The majority of the people who got access to the beta are streamers/creators. I would say the 10% were sprinkled on completely at random, and i have already heard of 2 stories from my friends who have only had under a year subscription on and off that got access. That is completely absurd and if you can’t agree with that then i don’t know how we will come to terms on anything.

That doesn’t say how they’re selected, it means that when your name goes on the list, you will get your account automatically upgraded. Its saying you don’t have to manually enter a code to be enabled.

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LOL. You are really stretching.

But like I said, initially they hand-pick, and then it’s just an automated system. Though we don’t know the parameters they used in that automated system. Maybe it plugs in when your account was created, how often you’ve been subbed, etc. But it’s automated. It’s not some Blizzard employee choosing you. Not beyond the first wave anyway.

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Is that the one that got a 30 day suspension for xp exploiting ?

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Half the reason for a public beta is marketing, and streamers are just free advertising.

They’ve done with this their betas for years now.

MethodJosh had gotten into previous issues for purposely taking advantage of bugged game mechanics. Would i say that’s his fault? No, but i also don’t work at blizzard.

I’ll give my complaint about the streamers. They’re all playing freaking warriors. Pick a different class.

Streamers did get prio, which kind of sucks to those that have been wanting this and aren’t streamers.

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Blizzard doesn’t seem to care that a lot of these streamers constantly complain and trash WoW… but as long as they get that free advertising…

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I wasn’t aware of that, so that has inspired me with some hope at least.
Thank you…

Not all - some are playing druids.

More opportunities for disappointment. :partying_face:

No, I’m really not.

The post is the stock one they post every expac to say “Don’t give away your account”. Its not complex. Its not new. Just fools who keep reading far more into it than is there.

I’ve been playing since Vanilla, but it makes sense to put the streamers in first. It’s free advertisement.

Sure, it’s pissing on long-time, dedicated players. We can whine about it. Blizz knows we will still play, even if we don’t get in the beta.

No, that’s Preach. MethodJosh didn’t get banned lol

sure he did - he was streaming his exploiting as well.

Original article (March 28th 2019):

Last week Blizzard Entertainment hit World of Warcraft players with a string of temporary bans varying in length.

Amongst those affected were some well-known Warcraft players including British streamer Preach Gaming (pictured, aka Mike) and MethodJosh, a healer for Method’s raiding team.