Forum Display Bug - Night Elf Heritage Armor

Completed the questline on my druid and then put the set to use on my monk here (Leilleath - Moon Guard). The changes to her physical attributes update did show up, but she isn’t showing any of the armor. Same goes for a bank alt


This happened to me today as well on my 60 Nelf Druid. No armor but the body stuff showed up. I submitted a ticket. I tried to look it up, wowhead etc but couldn’t find anything. I’m suspecting some odd questline we need to do first but if that’s the case we shouldn’t be able to do the heritage armor questline at all. So frustrating. EDIT - NEVERMIND, It’s offical, I’m an idiot. They show up in your bag to open, unlike the gnome gear quest where they just showed up in the transmog. Also Maive does a separate “quest” to get them after you complete it, it’s like an extra unnecessary step.

xD All good! This is actually about the armor just not showing up on your character images here on the forums. Not any problem with the questline itself. If it were a problem with the questlines in game, there is the regular Bug Forum for those, whereas this is posted in the Website Bug Forum so the appropriate staff can be looking into the heritage armor not showing up on acharacter’s armory profiles and user picture.

This happened to me too. Sadly I had to revert to original armor look to avoid appearing to be wearing no armor at all. Would be great if it was fixed but I doubt it.

Alas, I did the same, since this is my main forum poster. And I know well enough how bad Moon Guard’s rep is, so I didn’t necessarily want to leave it too long. It will get fixed - one day. When that day is, is anyone’s guess sadly.