Forsaken getting new tabards

The Defiler’s tabard already had a rando skull. Not sure we needed another rando skull tabard. Especially an Alliance Blue. but what eves. I get Blizzard is trying to “de-Sylvanas-ify” the Forsaken incrementally, and they are not thinking clearly about it (if it all).

Does anyone remember when they were guardians of life for a little while.


After some thought, I now want all races to change their tabards and flags to just be a random face.

All rise for the horde national anthem. Hoist the frowny orc face flag and salute.


Figures that when they try to give Forsaken an aesthetic that isn’t just a cult of personality around a faction leader, it might as well be Blightboar merchandise.


Worth pointing out that there’s also an updated Icon of Torment tabard, so that icon remains an option. Even if it is the bastardized version.

…Like, the whole point of the Icon of Torment is that it’s a mask that’s broken on one side. But WoW can’t mechanically do that, chest textures are all symmetrical by definition. So instead of being a broken mask it’s just… a mask.

Anyway, the new icon is… incredibly boring? It’s not offensive, just uninspired.


While it is not what I and many other Forsaken players want, it is a safe bet approach. As others said, it is not inspired, but it works.

Skulls have been used throughout all of canon for the Forsaken for decor and other details. While its not the most inspired, it is at least visually easy to understand and a clean death style.

Personally, I had hoped for a corrupted style Lordaeron L, as did many others who have followed the Forsaken story since W3.


This brings up an interesting question on if the racial icon is gonna change, since the icon is so heavily rooted in Sylvanas symbolism.

I think that’s the point of the new tabards. To show the Forsaken are evolving beyond her rule and establishing themselves as a post-Sylvanas society. The Forsaken aren’t even that Forsaken by the living anymore. Undead Elves returning to the Alliance and old Greymane and Turalyon are willing to look past the Forsaken’s condition to accept their friend. That shows the undead now have a new opportunity of reunification and societal growth outside of the misery of being undead.

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The only thing I care about is the Forsaken society, not how well they can reintegrate with the Alliance.


This is basically just the Defilers tabard in the style of the BFA Forsaken stuff, and there’s a new Icon of Torment tabard coming out the same time. You can call it uninspired and lame, but what you can’t really call it is an evolution or even a step toward one. It’s their same old iconography.

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It is finally some well earned racial identity away from Sylvanas, who has been gone since 2019.

Now if only we can have Forsaken have an upright standing character option… Upright Forsaken Models - Overdue Character Customization ✓


So are they like the Scourge Reborn now?

Quintessential MHP post. Charge blindly through everything that’s actually said, ignoring all of it, to arrive at whatever conclusion will get you your genocide. Belongs in a museum.


What a weird pair of posts…

Anyway! They do have an updated version of the Dark Lady emblem as well, so it stands to reason this is just providing some options that reflect the story. Not all Forsaken would entirely do away with Sylvanas’ initial legacy, while others would be eager, if not exactly pleased, to move on to something new.

Still wish Blizzard would have remembered there was a chain of succession with the Executors…


eh, after they’ve started destroying sylvanas and forsaken i’ve switched all my mains to blood elves. Not a fan of playing misunderstood victim.


To be fair, it really is the only way to deal with u*dead