Formula: Enchant Weapon-Major Striking

This is supposed to be sold by Karaaz in The Stormspire. He however, is not selling it. Most of what I’ve read says he is definitely supposed to so I assume this is a glitch. Anyone else experiencing this?

Same here I have been looking for this as well and thought maybe it was a bug or something.

I was wondering the same, Ive seen videos on youtube where people went up to that vendor and it was there?.. I’ve been to both Nagrand/Stormspire vendors and nothing…

Can confirm, went looking for this recipe as well and it was not available at Karaaz at all. Should be available at Honored for 6g according to WoWHead.

Has anybody heard anything back about this? I’m trying to get it on my Flurry Axe but can find no definite information on whether it’s a bug or coming in a later phase.

Not seeing it either. Is this some sort of future patch thing?

It was available for purchase when 2.0.3 dropped, which was the beginning of the original Burning Crusade expansion (after the pre-patch). But it was also reputation gated to Lower City faction rep, which means that you should be able to see the recipe but unable to buy it initially.

yeah, hello blizzard, where the hell is this enchant??

you could try the classic bug report forum…