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Hello everyone.

Returning player here, currently looking for a spot this upcoming raid tier. Hoping to find something semi-hardcore to hardcore. I understand I am behind, but I am hoping to use these next few weeks to catch up to get to where I need to be. Wanting to play Monk/DK, but I am open to playing what is necessary for the group comp.

I don’t have access to logs at the moment from WoL, other than the small amount of time I spent with Myrmidons on Tichondrius. Most of our logs while I was in Avid were privatized, and anything from ToS and HFC are gone from the looks of it. Nonetheless, here is a small list of accolodes over the last few Xpacs.

US 72nd Myhic Garrosh - Prot Warrior
US Top 80 Mythic Cenarius/Xavius - Prot Warrior
US Top 50 Mythic Fallen Avatar/Kiljaeden - Blood DK
US Top 100 Mythic Argus - Blood DK
US Top 50 Mythic Helya - Prot Warrior

I was with Avid-Illidan since the beginning of Blackrock Foundry during WoD. When we were at our peak, we pushed minimum 6 hour nights, 6-7 Days a week during Blackrock Foundry. This is when we pushed our hardest for ranks, but we crumbled after 500+ pulls on Blast Furnace. During that time we got -

US Top 20 Mythic Gruul, Kromogg, and Kagraz
US 11th Operator Thogar
US 10th Iron Maidens kill. (I raided on my Blood/UH DK for every fight except Maidens, I came in for the 2nd kill on that)

For Uldir, I closed out the tier with Myrmidons on Tich after Avid collapsed. I filled in for the last 2 bosses on mythic on my monk. I made it clear I wasn’t planning to stay, only long enough for them to find a more permanant applicant, and for them to get their cutting edge. After that I took a break for BoD.

TLDR : Top 50 US Experienced tank looking for a spot on a Monk/DK for next tier.

Battletag - Angry#1480

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