Former US 97th SoO Raider LF DAYTIME Raiding Guild



I am a former US 97th raider who is looking to get back into higher end progression on a day time schedule (Morning - 4PM EST), preferably two or three days a week. My main right now is a warlock, but I would be happy to switch to a different class as needed, for the right group of course. I am a flexible player that has raided competitively in all 3 roles and have experience with most classes.

If you would like to message me in game you can add my battletag: Valkari#11966 or just reply to this post. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Hey Nevvafear! If you are still LF a daytime raiding guild, we are looking for a few core raiders to progress into the next raid tier. In particular we have a dire need for a lock that is a great fit. We are Redline-Thrall Horde. We raid progression 12-4pm on Wednesday and Thursdays, with some other optional content on Tuesdays.


  • Uldir (Mythic) 6/8
  • Battle of Dazzar’alor (Mythic) 7/9
  • Crucible of Storms (Heroic) 2/2 (World 5th / Sercer 1st)

We have a mix of third shift, EU, and work from home guildies that are committed to daytime raiding

Here is our discord
Feel free to put an app on there. If you have any questions or want to talk im on there as Retrection, there is Whardy, and Miamage.

Thanks for your time!


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