Former CE Tank LF Mythic Team

VDH - 224
Had many CE’s in past tiers, however recently have been more casual, but looking to get back into CE progression.

Does not matter Server or Faction. I would like a WEEKDAY team and would prefer a late night raid time, but I can do Monday - Friday from 7pm Est to 1am Est.

Logs :

I also had attempts on Mythic Sire saw up to p3, however the guild I was with for that progression was not a good fit for me.

Looking for a good fit as much as I am looking for a good team.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my post, and looking forward to speaking to you.

Fearfulways is a progression raiding guild, who has been in Argent Dawn since the release of wow and was established on 11-28-2004. We are interested in exceptional players that would like to raid progressively and and utilize their time online to be better at the game and to pursue competitive raiding at all times.

We have earned over half of dozen realm first, and completed many expansions realm first on the list including Cata and MOP expansion.

Currently we are 9/10M and have Denathrius down to 25% on phase 3 hoping to get CE/Realm First before next patch.

We are recruiting for 9.1 and beyond and would like to know if you the schedule below works for you and if you would be interested let me know thanks.

Battle Tag- Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Raiding Schedule: (All times are Eastern)
Tuesday - 7-11:00PM
Wednesday - 7-11:00PM
Thursday - 7-11:00PM

Curious to know if you play a DPS role also or only tank. thanks.

Hey Baldazar,

[H - Area 52] Close Enough (9/10M) is a two day raiding guild looking for a tank to push strong into 9.1! Raid times are Tues/Thurs 9p-12a EST. We’d love to chat with you about possibly joining, as you seem like a great fit.

Check out our forum post/application !