Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

i strongly agree. im pretty sure all the fair titles have been dealt out now just to remove all the DQ’d teams rewards like klinda/ meddi/ medse/ and others


These last 3 posters and pewpewpew are spam reporting threads for real life threats to get them removed because they do not fit their narrative of trying to get as much glads on oce banned as possible.

Please do something about it and hopefully we see a 1 month ban, as legitimate players cannot get their stories out as threads that have massive up votes with people fully behind it, is get reported for real life threats.


Lmao OCE is a mess

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Any comments on Blizzard’s blatant mismanagement of population imbalances across Classic TBC?

yall are just mad they took away jobseeker

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How many times do the same group of people get to spam report a post into being hidden, before something is done to prevent them from trying to silence anyone with a different opinion to them?


We all know who it is - the certain group of serial duelists in 5v5s that are trying to jag an infernal gladiator title by having the teams above DQed.

Nobody else would be this desperate


#free wiseweasel #justice for zery #free ej #free fizxy

Thanks for summarising the list of the actual guilty offenders

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what a joke of a season for OCE, tiny player base, full of cheats and crying trolls. How can any arena PVP be taken serious. Please save OCE and merge with US.

i love women

Free the ones who orchestrated the collusion in both classic & tbc? That sounds like a stupid decision.

Yo can we get the arena gear at a relevant cost in Aus, top 200 teams in Aus is like 1700 due to limited number of teams and players. Can you make it based off Ladder ratings and participation %? Same for points pls.

Hey Kaivax we still haven’t received our gladiator. On the ladder there are still teams above us that should be on the ban list. such as team ‘‘Oink’’ and ‘‘merge us with US west’’ we are the spot below thanks.

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Sac is absolutely right, people haven’t received glad or should be banned/dq’d still recieve title. Look at ashisback he should have got glad but he didnt.

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