Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

The fact that my two recent posts have already been spam reported should really give you an idea about what we’re having to deal with atm.


klinda and his team of wintraders doing it.

alot of players have gotten the correct rewards, but alot of the DQ’d teams still have theres including rank 1 titles like Klinda, Meddi , Medse and many more ,they need to be stripped asap.

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As a rank 14 warrior I can confirm players on the ladder were targeted for unjust bans. I know collusion when I see it.


they were not banned for rmt so not sure how you can even say its confirmed, and their bans for wintrading are completely unjustified as all they did was queue up and play the game while people spam reported them and lied about them.


i dont think liking and getting wintraders to like your post is going to change anything. They appealed, Blizzard held their decision because they have sufficient evidence.

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as opposed to you and your friends reporting everyone and everything? seemed to work for you

edit: I see you trying to think of with what to reply… kinda funny you’re lost for words after speaking so many lies thus far


Not sure who you are referring to but Blizzard only ban those who actually broke the TOS.

Good on ya Blizzard.

Keep editing your post wintrader, it wont change anything.

Oh how I wish this were true.


I have screenshots with evidence and proof that were was collusion involved with certain players who coordinated mass reports to ban those at the top of the arena ladder

There will be retribution

Your prolonged silence only shows guilt


Neither of them win traded including Haiku. Those two don’t deserve their names run through the muck. Especially Klinda.

Blizzard is checking chat logs btw. They likely said things that tied them to fixing the ladder or fixing teams with other people. This is how some already got banned.

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tell that to the bans. they got caught and they will be stripped soon enough

imagine thinking blizzard are sophisticated enough to correctly ban people after the train wreck of a titles hand out we’ve just seen.

the boys in that top rated 5s shouldn’t have been banned at all. They weren’t even quing in the last week because one of them was already serving a 8 day ban for afking AV.

Prior to that last week people in OCE didn’t even know we had a ladder. Why would they need to win trade before that? For a duelist title? (as part of the combined ladder with NA we all thought we were operating under)


they all cheated and got caught it is what it is. just gota get those titles stripped now

gentlemen we’ve found the double digit IQ antivaxxer


guys we have found the wintraders alt pally


lmao im not banned i merely posses enough brain function to apply a bit of logic, you’ll get there one day


yeh but your mains are , enjoy the ban wintrader.

Thank you for taking action and rewarding people who played fair.

Please remove rewards from those who should had been disqualified and dont let some of these people intimidate you.