Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

Blizzard completely neglecting oceanic realms yet again.

  1. Don’t tell us we have a ladder till 1 week out from season end,
  2. End that season at 3pm during the day for most OCE people so they don’t get their Tuesday night pts or last chance to push
  3. Don’t communicate any of this to players in OCE
  4. Proceed to award titles based on pre ban cut offs for OCE but not NA or EU

Bump, please fix

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Fix please


Is anyone surprised really? There are people that should be banned that are banned but there’s people banned that shouldn’t be and people who are getting titles that should be banned.

In 2s if they adjust the title range a team that purchased a boost from two of the banned players will end up with rank 1.

Blizzard have made a mess of this whole thing it’s pretty obvious.


Yall shoulda just played better instead of relying on welfare from blizz to get you your “poggers” titles and mounts… what else can you expect from the land of “jobseeker” and “centerlink” (nanny state welfare for non australians).

Nothing to see here move along


Surely KELP IS a R1 CAPABLE player


I’m personally glad this is the end result.
I’m one the players that just missed out on glad and being 2200 at one stage in 3s it’s a bit sad but hey, whatever.
For context if they adjust the cut offs there is a chance I would be in range for the title… regardless I’d rather be duelist then see that DPR team in 2s who paid people to boost team rating by 100 or so points to get within glad range get infernal titles.
Both R1 titles in 2s and 3s would be very undeserving of the teams that would get them if Blizzard ‘fix’ this.


Please blizzard merge oceanic and US queues so the ladder actually becomes competitive. Also so I can queue at any point of the day with my friends to play the video game.


Nobody wants to see Infernal Gladiator Kelp.

What sort of neglect are we willing to accept as an Oceanic player though?

To blizzard its literally like we don’t exist. We had no communication that we had our own ladder. The season was cut short to 3pm on our last day to line up with NA realms. The bans look like they’re all automated from reports.

What’s going to stop this from happening again next season?


Who are these banned people that should not be banned? :joy: :rofl:

Most of you rats got what you deserved and are lucky it wasn’t a perma ban.
Some of the rats actually escaped WITHOUT bans though, that’s the only mess here.


You sound like one of the banned players.

If you look at the list of names the people that copped bans are a lot of the same people that colluded in classic and were also part of the ‘ungoro mafia’.

They need over a year of PVP practice in advance on private servers so when the game comes out and arenas go live they get to shiet talk and flex on newer players, it’s very cringe.

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now all they have to do is unban those wrongly banned and not listen to misinformation spread by salty gamers who can’t even get duelist :blush:

Do you really think Blizzard is as stupid as you?
They know what you guys are doing lol why do you even bother…


You’re implying that we even have any humans at blizzard dealing with us.

Its all automated


U guys just need to play better next season no one cares that you cant win asmongolds “transmount” competition without your “mount”.

Can i also get a large zinger stacker box and a side of HOT CHIPS please? (Before 9pm and within 5km of my residence).

Yall also need to double mask and stay indoors (vaccines from poland are enroute)

You degenerates all sound braindead…
You tell people to “play better next season” “get good at the game” that you have been practicing on private servers for well over a year before the game even comes out.

You could compare it to a boxer with 1yr+ experience getting in the ring to fight with an amateur that started training 2 weeks ago, beating him round after round and then shiet talking him for being bad… :ok_hand:


merge OCE back with NA asap


blizzard cringe care more about fixing the name of big love rocket than updating brackets sort it out


Hard pass, friend.

Yes please