Forbidden Reach

I am confused on the BoA gears that drop from the Forbidden Reach. I got enough to complete a set for my alts. Since they are ilvl 385 drops, I already assumed my alts needed to be level 70 to equip. But the thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that the set for my druid had a set bonus that activates when I kill mobs that award experience or honor. Why is there a set bonus experience activation for a level 70?

Looking at the set bonus:

(4) Set : When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, gain a Spark of the Primals. Once you reach 5 stacks, your next single target offensive ability will launch a devastating elemental attack.

So, every 5 kills, you get an extra automatic attack.

But that applies only to kills against enemies near your level (that yields experience or honor).

You won’t get that extra bonus attack against, say, level 59 opponents.

Does that matter? Not a lot, I suppose, but that type of restriction is pretty common.

P.S. For alt gear, check out Dreamsurges. Your main can buy a token for a piece of 415 gear and send it to your alt. And your alt can earn that too, as well as a token for a 424 piece each week.


Things that say that they activate on killing a mob that grants XP or honor will work as long as the mob is eligible to give you XP even if you don’t actually get it due to being level capped. (It’s how the game decides if a mob is trivial or not to you, as they don’t want some bonuses working off of trivial mobs, as there’s room for exploitation.)