For Your Consideration: ZG 60 Toggle

ZG Toggle for Zulian/Raptor

This post is a call from the WoW Classic community to Blizzard to consider making an adjustment to ZG similar to Onyxia 60.

I am Gali, I run the largest completionism discord for the Pagle server and am requesting Blizzard reconsider removing the ZG tiger/raptor from the game. I have personally run over 200 runs for the ZG mounts and believe that gate-keeping these now is bad for the long term health of classic.

Why? As a collector, one of the main barriers of entry into retail has been the inability to collect many things. Old pvp transmogs (even if you reach the rating requirement seasons later), mounts, and of course ZG mounts. The retail team has made strides to fix this recently, with the trading post and BMAH, but it feels like classic is headed for the same path of mount barriers.

As a sweat completionist, I understand exclusivity/prestige for short-term, but making items completely unobtainable makes for a really daunting experience as a causal or hardcore collector.

It seems like your team understood that when keeping Onyxia 60 in the game, but have deviated with Naxx and now ZG.

A lot of folks are playing classic to have a second shot at many things they wish they could have completed (Grand Marshal, The Insane, Scarab Lord, etc) and the ZG mounts some one of the coveted items in the game.

Please reconsider an Azeroth or ZG specific toggle to let us have a second chance at getting these mounts!


I must have run ZG to get my tiger/raptor, then to help others to get their tigers/raptors quite literally over a thousand resets by now, doing it up to 7 times every reset.

Is it selfish to say no because I don’t want to get dragged into it anymore?

Probably, yeah, that would be the only reason to say no to this.

But I sympathize with people that ran numbers close to mine and still don’t have their mounts.

Maybe having the mounts still be possible to be obtained in-game in classic could be healthy in the long run, I don’t know, no harm on allowing it though, specially considering what they did for OG Onyxia, probably some people may been postponing because they hoped that would happen too for ZG and now they are absolutely freaking out about it.


Honestly, since they already have the coding to jump you between ‘zone changes’ (Bronze Dragonflight NPCs).

I don’t know why they’re “staying true” to Cata and destroying the old world. Just make it so we can switch back to pre-Cata layout. No need to remove quests.

Like…it’s not that monumental. Keep the old zone data, phase us into it, disable Flying. Keep the quests in place…there’s really not much in the Overland that was changed besides the additional zones, existing zone changes, and quest revamp. Everything else was UI.

((They’ve even made it easier by making a Shared Data folder for each game version to pull from.))


100% agree. I’d be happy with 40 man naxx back since it would be a chrome time situation. And then you win/win by keeping classic feeling like classic (or at least the option to swap to the original experience)


+1 to this request, I would love to have this toggle implemented. A friend and I have been running 5 runs per lockout for ages and still only have a single tiger to show for it. Not everyone is blessed with good (or even regular at this point) luck on drops.

Blizzard, you have shown that you’re able to put in toggles to keep old content around, please consider it for this!


Agreed! The fact that the technology exists to go back in time, I think it should be available for this raid.


As someone who has all of these collectibles, I think it would be great to keep them in or re-implement them.

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I sympathize with this man. I did see Swift Zulian Tiger drop in Vanilla classic - went to a guildie. Now that I’m only missing 9 mounts in the game (Tiger being one) I appreciate its rarity.

We’re coming up on 10 lockouts left and I’m sweating it.

If no bronze trake to timewalk the instance, I wonder if Blizzard would consider upping the droprate for these two particular mounts over the next few lockouts, as a Cata promotion.

I thought it would have been cool to link it Zalazane’s Fall somehow…

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Still don’t have the tiger and I’ve spent so many hours trying for it, simply telling myself it will eventually drop. Removing it now would turn those hours into wasted time, please do not do that.