<For the Herd> 3/8 H EP - Casual Adult Guild - Emerald Dream

Who are we?

Started in Legion, The Herd is a Semi-casual/social Horde guild on Emerald Dream (US). Our player base is mostly 25+, and maintaining a positive community is our highest priority. We strive to keep a consistent 15-20 man Heroic/Mythic raid roster going at all times. Raid times currently set to Fri/Mon at 8CST. We raid for 2-3 hours a night. Do not let raid times keep you from joining. We do ask our members for feedback on the best nights for them each raid tier.


We are open to all classes and specs. We try our best to take the community driven player over class/spec any day. Needs for raid team listed below if you want to fill a hole.

Priest (Disc, Shadow)
Shaman (Resto/Ele)
Tank (War/Monk/Druid/Pally/DH)
Monk (WW/MW)

Deathknight (Unholy/Frost)

Requirements for all members

• Be respectful towards others in Discord and guild chat, and be a good representative of our guild when grouping with or talking to members of the broader WoW/Emerald Dream community.
• Be willing to lend a hand to guildmates when you are available and able to do so.
• If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, just let us know! We don’t want to worry about you.
• Bring any concerns or issues to the GM or Council Members. We want everyone to be happy and comfortable in the guild, and want to know if anything is going on that is making that difficult, so that we can address it ASAP.

Raid Team – Requirements

• Have a positive attitude.
• Come on time, prepared, with flasks and food; potions and runes will be used as needed (on likely kill attempts). Prepared also means having watched/read strategies for the boss(es) we will be attempting that night, and having DBM installed.
• Be in Discord for raids and keep comms clear during fights unless you have a role that requires making calls.
• Share unneeded drops with fellow raid members including mats for cauldrons and feasts.
• Meet ilvl, DPS/HPS requirements for the content tier. This is more flexible than most guilds. Improvement is most important aspect.
• Let a GM/Council member know ASAP if you will not make the scheduled time that you signed up for.
• Enjoy life first then we WoW!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kelmorak, Nopso, Wkendwarrior (Battle Tag: Hott#1946), or Arynore in game! Anyone can invite and we trust you fit into our requirements.

For the Herd!