For orgrimmar

In response to the Alliances’s attack on on orgrimmar yesterday, we shall repay you 10 times fold! We will storm the gates of stormwind, and we will kill any Alliance player in sight! Who is with me?

I know not who attacked you or your city, but I warn against making an attack in retaliation. As I am forbidden to leave the city know that at least one will be ready to meet who ever comes by to cause trouble.

Though I do hope you show, my head has been cracking for a month now…

…and I have a curse to feed.

Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness.

thumps mace on the ground

Sure you wanna make this walk?

Oh, I am so sorry we missed that. We were busy in Dazar’Alor. We’ll come visit Orgrimmar soon so you don’t feel left out.

Come play. It’s been far too long.

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Wait, do people still do that? I mean, I have my bear, but its been so long. I shall have to let my brothers know, so that we may properly welcome you to Stormwind. Keep in mind, I take great pleasure in causing pain and suffering. :skull_and_crossbones:


<<odd, it won’t let me choose OG Plains, just Classic Plains…bahwhufflesnort>>

oi, Deadfella, y’aint even tauren, recon ye fervor is more ‘bout bein’ dead than bein’ horde. Why dont’cha just sit yer partially decomposed butt down and mellow a bit yeh? I got me here some MIGHTY fine herbs what’ll take that edgelord off. This has all happened before, it’ll all happen again, and ain’t a lick of it matters.

Might want ta remember, it ain’t like we’re innocentneither. After all, was we whut burnt Teldrassil on hte orders of a al-mad witch-lich. An’ most folks comes back alive anyway, so what’re ya ever gittin so upset about? Besides, Anduin? He’s Friend of Baine. And Baine’s aFriend of Me. So…SHUT. YA. YAP.

Ain’t no such thing as honor when death is broken. Damnfool undead can’t see the future for the rot.

Gen had hear of the Plainswander from her cousin Gentyl. She respected the bull on that account, but yet blood had been spilled. Stormwind had been attacked. Anduin attacked. This would not go unanswered.

She’d pen a message to the Plainswander and hope he was well and grazing in green pastures, well out of the way when death came calling and it would.

(Hello, old friend. It’s so good to see you again. It’s been far too long. I miss you.)

((Likewise Ma’am. I hope you and yours are safe in this new world we’re all living in))

Plainswander looked down at the letter…
“Gentyl has her a cousin? Well dang, ain’t that sweet…oh, wait…now hold a dingdang minute… she’s a threatnin’ me? Ah Gen, didn’t yer auntie teach ya nothin? I’m a lover, but I’m a fighter too…”

Plainswander sighed heavily, same flop, diffr’nt day Gol durn’ pinkies just don’t know when ta move on. Guess I better sharpen mah feathers.