For me to ever play WoW again These Changes

I stopped playing the game because to me it was not fun anymore and felt like it was more of a pain to play than an enjoyable experience. I am just stating the 2 main things I have disliked since they added them to the game. I despise Item scaling and it is my number one reason I left the game. I like to power up and feel like I am getting more powerful as I go.

Going back to areas that once gave me trouble and blowing them out was always fun to me as I became stronger. The 2nd issue is the class changes and pruning. They used to feel fluid and fun to play, and now they feel clunky and more irritating than fun.

There are other things that made me start to hate the game, but those 2 above were the nails in the coffin for me personally. I know there are players that like the changes and that is good for them. I just wanted to get this out so they know why I got a refund for BFA on my wife’s account and quit 2 weeks into BFA.

Every expansion was fun to me up to the point in Legion where they started messing around with item scaling. Why did they have to mess with things that were not broke? If you wanted tougher challenges you had plenty of other content to do.

Either way I am never coming back until I see changes made to this fun breaking additions they added. Destiny was the same way no matter how good you geared yourself the enemies leveled right along with you making it feel as though you really never are rewarded enough. Just change the game back to where it was fun to play and just add content to do. Is that too much to ask Blizzard?

cool buddy