Follower Dungeons - Yes!

What a crushing blow, not even the npc’s want to play with you.

This could happen if you are toxic to them or something

Finally, I can log onto my Prot warrior tank. Pull half the dungeon and laugh at them as they do zero damage to me. All while watching friendly NPCs get murdered like real DPS players. :rofl:

People will do this and stream about it.

I look forward to it myself.

Where is this announcement? It sounds too good to be true…

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I feel bad for the people who actually will use and look forward to this. If these are modeled after the superior MMO, FFXIV, and their trusts, the NPCs wont do the work for you and are suboptimal in combat to human players. You suck today in a normal dungeon, the group likely doesn’t even care and finishes without you. You go afk, they may still not care and do it for you. Getting bonkers geared players just looking to finish a quest or there to help a friend or something means you get a free carry and done faster thus allowing you to level faster or get back to doing whatever else quicker.

None of this happens with NPCs (at least probably).

^ here it is

I’ll use it to try out tanking. I’m looking forward to this feature.


I will take needing to be the intended skilled to do the dungeon, and be able to run the dungeon at the intended pace and design instead of being forced to run a normal as a mythic+ run due to pugs any day, and any time, always.

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theres a lot of misconceptions about trusts outside of the XIV crowd.

  1. they dont do anything until you engage, meaning they auto follow you, so if you dont move they wont either.
  2. they will do the mechanics properly for the most part but if you mess up and die, its a wipe and you have to rez and start over. since XIV has some one shot mechanics, you probably can muddle through to an extent but if you cant deal with the mechanics it doesnt matter how well the AI did, you wipe.
  3. you cant pull a boss and stand outside the arena, that will simply result in the fight resetting.
  4. the AI partners also have cast times and gcds, along with some role priorities just like real players.

So if this is truly going to be a trust-style dungeon, worry not, it will still be easier to carry people with 4 other humans than with the AI. Hopefully this will make better players in the end.


would be cool if instead of followers since most people have alts we used alts instead maybe cut there xp down to like 10% so they level up to a certain cap a day via runs and you can gear them before you play them

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I’ll use this for quests that require a certain dungeon otherwise you have to specific queue which takes way longer than lfd and grants you no bonus.

This is one of the best wow news to come in the last decade. Being able to learn fights on your own without having to compete with guildies or not have enough gear score to be invited to dungeons is awesome.

You could even add new mogs to the only solo or duo etc groups. One person in the group is an NPC be it tank or healer or dps and your loot table is now adding other mogs. Sweet

This would also allow players who have not experienced the previous expansion to be able to go into raids with NPCs and learn the fights by being lowered in level and gear to the expansion. This become like the mage tower but just adds ALL DUNGEONS AND RAIDS in the game. This is huge news if they can make older dungeons and raids like this.


I hope they have a personality. I always find it funny when Alisaie takes the limit break the second she can in FFXIV.

The thing with this is - it is almost near the end of the expansion where people can solo the normal dungeons so will people still be able to solo them or will they be forced into doing this in the future for them all.

I keep flirting with the night elf man NPC but he’s not responding :frowning:

I have to say, I’ve done the FFXIV trusts, and after trying the Follower Dungeons on the ptr, Blizzard did it better. I’m shocked as hell about that, but it’s true. The AI is solid, and really well done.

The npcs are almost a bit more true to “life” than they should be; the tank will pull two groups, or run off to the next one before the current one is all dead, and even did the “hey, I’m not going to clear the patrols in this room, let’s just pull the boss” thing, and we wiped. Dunno if that last was intended behavior, but it was awesome!

With Follower Dungeons, there’s also no need to “level up” your npc escorts like there is in FFXIV trusts, thankfully. That was the worst. Not everything needs to be complicated!

Very excited about Follower Dungeons. To be able to experience the narrative at a pace I am comfortable with is awesome. I also love the idea of using them as a a training session for practicing roles unfamiliar to you.

I do wonder if we will receive the achievements for completing the normal level dungeon? I also wonder if this will be a better way to pursue those transmog collection runs? Also, would it be possible to have say two human players and a party filled out with npcs, or is just human party only and solo/AI only? If this is a test of Delve AI, I would imagine it would let us mix and match party sizes.


I believe you can group with up other players in the PTR, to some number. I may even talk a friend to download the PTR so we can test it out together.

I donʻt see any reason why it would.
If the purpose of this feature is to get more players a way to see the stories locked behind dungeons, then I can see no reason for anything higher than normal.
If the purpose is otherwise, then maybe.

Maybe I can finally learn how Holy Pally works.
i hear they are supposed to be good or something