Fodder to the Flames

Why is this talent designed the way it is? It’s so clunky

It’s rng if the demon spawns, then you have to make sure it’s near your targets you want to aoe, then you have to switch targets to the demon and use Glaive Throw…

Why not change the talent to empower your next glaive throw, causing it to explode for chaos damage and heal the player? Remove the whole switching target mechanic, it’s clunky

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It’s been redesigned in the upcoming talent rework. I’d recommend you take a look at that.

Also not sure if it’s any different for Havoc, but at least for Vengeance you just passively cleave the demon. No need to target swap.

its intent was never aoe damage. its importance is the 20% damage buff you get from consuming a demon soul. also, yeah, its been redesigned on the ptr.

Don’t worry you kill it instantly now. They just tied it to utility and made it’s a 1 min 30 sec cd. Garbage. There’s been many times I had a 40 sec straight 20% damage increase due to it proccing even a couple minute long amps because of the proc chance now you just get 20 secs every minute in a half but you’ll hold an extra 30 til line with meta. Garbage. Went afk auto attacking a dummy in Val came back dead because I got meleed to death over and over by proc demons. Not even passive leech could keep me up becaus I got so many procs, 1.7k passive hps

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it’s been redesigned to be 10x worse in every metric. It used to actually have a use, now it’s just a 2 GCD clunky pos mess to try to combine with an already convoluted burst rotation.

they gave the illusion of a choice node for momo/EB in the form of Inertia when in reality momo is the only way you actually get your full burst window off.

the dev is a complete fkin rtard and needs to be fired

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Any feedback given was completely nullified by that last sentence. It should probably be edited out…

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Am I the only one thats more annoyed it’s tied to spectral sight?
They even nerfed sight to compensate.

I use it in dungeons if there’s invis enemies so I get the first hit on them but now I will mess up with fodder proc if I do that? Am I missing something?


Same used spectral in HoI all the time. Used TG to knock the stealthies for my tank. Now it’s too long to be useful really.

I use it all the time in PVP. Please divorce fodder from spectral sight…


I demon proc is PvP felt so good knowing it would break CC on you and you had a nice heal just sitting there. Big nerf.


Because these devs are out of touch. Fodder is the most idiotic skill in WoW history.