Flying Mounts

If we are talking about changing the foundation of the system - i.e. removing 40 man raiding, then why not flying mounts? I think we should have flying mounts. This version can support flying mounts as its been upgraded to that version just with vanilla aspects.

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Ya let’s not just stop there. Let’s get some dragon riding in here too with some LFR.


The top of parts of Stormwind and Org literally don’t have a model



Well there is a portion of the player base that believes that flying mounts destroyed the interaction within World of Warcraft, so lets discover if that is the case or not.

Did Flying mounts ruin game interaction?

Lets find out.

I love flying in WoW, but I’m okay with no flying in SoD.

You discover squat on a flying mount.

What? We know for a fact it did. It killed world PVP.

I discover how fun it is to pop in and out of druid flight form…


If you like flying try to stand next to the Blood Moon boss


We already have.


There was a free to play game i used to play a long time ago as a kid forgot the name, but they only gave flying to the elf healers in form of angel wings to incentivize players to play heal role. They should do something similar with druids and flightform since druids suck at everything and we need target dummies


Yeah… no thanks.

sure but only inside incursions, group all that stuff together

Only allow flying in the Hinterlands.

Nobody likes running the Jinth’alor gauntlet, I cry every time.

As a compromise, give druids a bird form rune, but no flying mounts

We can punt Gnomes? :man_shrugging:t2:

Nah, resilience, too many powerful spells, class homogenization, good gear only from arenas, unaesthetic world, nerfing eng / consumes, ruined world pvp.

Pvp is bad tbc onwards even in BGs and arenas (where there is no flying) it isn’t flying that ruined world pvp…

Druids are great healers right now. Also, no to flying mounts.

No. No it does not. You can easily test this by walking from Stormwind Trade District to Stormwind Old Town; you’ll notice the tower where the flight master is disappears.

You can also Shaman Farsight or Hunter Eagle Eye up and over the Undercity wall and you will find…nothing. Just a square-ish pit.

Vanilla Azeroth and TBC Azeroth are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Heck…even in Retail SMC and Exodar are still no fly zones. Despite TBC’s World Tile and post-Cata Azeroth World Tile being made ‘flight ready’. ((Spoilers: SMC is literally just cardboard props strategically placed to give the illusion of a city with multiple high-rises.))

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