Flying in Zandalar?

Research on this is all over the place, so Just looking for a simple answer here as to whether long time players have to grind pathfinder rep in order to fly in Zandalar? If so, is there another zone or way to unlock the vulpera without those zones?

Left the game because of all the ridiculous rep grinding years ago, and thought they moved past mind numbing grinding. Came back for the advertised story-lines, races, classes, new raids and expansion experiences, not to spend my limited time grinding again just for basic function

Any help here would be appreciated.

You can get Vulpera unlocked with less than the Pathfinder 2 to get flying in BFA. But it does still have story requirements - finish Secrets in the Sands questline in Vol’dun. If you don’t have a high level already and get forced into BFA, you may also have to get Zandalar Forever unlocked.

I did it on alliance side during Shadowlands, and I did indeed get Vulpera before Pathfinder 2.

You still need to do the rep requirement to unlock flying for BfA zones.

You do not need the rep to unlock Vulpera. You also don’t need to unlock flying to unlock Vulpera. In fact, the questing requirements for the Vulpera are just a subset of the questing needed for flying. (So, you’d meet the Vulpera requirements long before you’ve unlocked flying.

You should be able to finish Voldun in a few hours assuming you’ve got a Horde character at level 35. (Which if memory serves is the minimum level for Voldun.)

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Thank you both for the replies.

Part of the problem was that the Vol’dun quest bugged out on me and I could not get it to go. Backed out to the very beginning, did the Stormwind jail break again, and it completed and let me get the Secret of the Sands.

Used the Vol’dun quest-line to bring my pally to 50, about to complete Sands (was not bad at all due to having a story and not just kill mob A day after day). More than likely leave the zone rather than grind flying…but all’s well that ends well.

Thanks again.

Thank you for reporting back. And have fun with the Vulperas