Fluff and Blood Selling Mythic Raids

Current as of August 29, 2023

Fluff and Blood is a top 125 US Mythic raiding guild (9/9M AtSC) and is now offering Mythic kills for both Horde and Alliance players (raids are cross-faction).

Mythic Raid Packages:
Kazzara: 500k
Amalgamation Chamber: 500k
Forgotten Experiments: 500k
Assult of Zaqail: 750k
Rashok: 750k
Zskarn: 1.0M
Magmotax: 1.0M
Echo of Neltharion: 1.5M
Sarkareth: 2.0M
Sarkareth /w Mount: 5.0M
9/9M /w Mount: 10M

Vault packages:
3 Kills: 1.5M
5 Kills: 3.0M
7 Kills: 5.0M

Generally all items are available to buyers with very few exceptions. Loot funnel comes standard and you will never compete with another buyer for your desired loot (Armor, Weapons, Trinkets). Rings/Amulets/Cloaks to be determined individually if we have multiple buyers.

Raid Times:
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST Tuesday - Wednesday
Reserved spots are listed in post #5

25% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot (Mount Runs only)
100% of the payment is due before the run
We only accept in game gold
We can accept gold on any server or faction.

Please be on time and at your keyboard for the full run to prevent delays.
You have to play your own character but are not required to do boss mechanics. You may be asked to tag the boss and die if mechanics could kill the raid.

Terms and Conditions:
By scheduling a carry run you agree to follow Blizzards Terms of Use and EULA. If at anytime we suspect you are engaging in activities not supported by the EULA or ToU (including but not limited to account sharing or real world trading) associated with the carry service the run is voided in its entirety and a full refund will be provided. The person scheduling the run, receiving the run, and paying for the run must all be on the same Battlenet account. Any party other than yourself to the carry service is strictly non-negotiable and will void any carry service immediately.

DevilWithin#1542 (Playböybunny) - Raider / Sale Coordinator

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Updated for Mythic packages.

<3 <3 <3 Come with us!!!

Hands down one of the best guilds I have ran with… They are fun to run with, and will joke around with you. If you are planning on doing any sort of boost, I highly recommend Fluff as they were not only the nicest, but they made it fun. Thanks guys, you guys are awesome!

Reserved Spots:

Jailer Mounts:
10/11- 1x Reserved | 1x Available
10/18- 2x Available

Sylvanas Mounts
10/11- 1x Available
10/18- 1x Reserved | 1x Available

Looking for Jaina mount run let me know if available still

Added Jaina mount pricing

Is the 16th still available for tidal storm mount

It is not, looking at Oct 8th/Oct14th right now. We are still determining if we are doing Jaina runs on Mondays or during our normal raid times (Tue likely).

o/ o/ Keep the good sales! <3

any plans on selling mythic n’zoth for the all-seer mount?

Sorry for late reply, we will absolutely be selling Mythic N’Zoth mounts.

With the boss dropping 2 per kill we expect to have slots opening up in the near term (maybe 5-6 weeks if all goes well)

We just started on the boss last week and are extending until it is dead :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to know if the price of the jaina s mount Is the current. I m asking this becouse heroic nzoth Is cheaper than mythic jaina…and I thought that the new raid Is more difficult than dazar alor. I honestly don t know, so if you can explain me More I would thank you.

Sure, I can confirm the prices are accurate/up-to-date.

There are a lot of factors that go into specific prices. Everything from how difficult the content is to things such as how long it is available to things like supply and demand for the specific runs.

The Jaina mount although easier now is generally a more time limited and rarer item that mount collectors are interested it.

The H NYA clears although harder is generally not considered as time limited or rare and have more guilds running the content during normal raid hours already.

We do our best to keep our prices competitive with what other guilds are charging and are always looking to update them as needed.

Requested a mSkitra carry for an alt hunter, they brought in 4 hunters to help loot funnel. Quick deathless kill and bow received! Very quick, easy, and professional! Thanks Fluff and Blood!

Great group - I got a 12/12 clear. Highly recommended to run with these guys!

WTB glacial tidestorm 325k on Sargeras Alliance
Sent a friend request.

Toss me a friends/b.net request, best way to get in contact with us ingame :slight_smile:

Are Jaina runs still available? and how much extra for a different server not specifically listed? (sent a friend request)

Jaina’s are still available. Hopefully i messaged you over the weekend.