Flex player (DPS/Healer) looking for a guild :)

Hey Emerald Dream!

Longtime player, just getting back to Azeroth!

I’m currently spending my time leveling both this shaman and my monk (Krendy), to get them prepared hot and ready for Shadowlands, while also enjoying what left there is of BFA to soak up and enjoy.

I believe in learning my class, not just my specialization, and am willing and ready to fill when necessary.
Though tanking isn’t and has never been my primary role, I’m learning the ropes, and am not opposed to taking up the mantle as needed.

I have an avid interest in raiding (Heroic standard, with an eye toward Mythic), and slice of life role play.
PVP isn’t quite my bag, but I’m certainly not opposed to more organized events. :slight_smile:

I’m currently looking for a guild comprised of friendly, inclusive, progression minded, tightly knit, mature and dedicated (a lot of adjectives, I know) players to get back in to the groove of things with. : )

I have a history as both a guild officer, and a community organizer, and am excited at the idea of long term prospects with any potential guild.

Feel free to send a letter, or message me directly (Burnida or Krendy) in game at any time.

Hope to hear from, and talk to some of you soon!


~ Burnida