Flask prices

Will never go down… 150 gold per flask is literally ridiculous, no amount of time will make them go down. Please increase black lotus spawn rate


Can’t wait until flask prices hit 500g.

Imma be rich.


You could, you know, not purchase them and play without them.

Just a thought, they aren’t at all required to complete content. They are only useful for people trying to beat other people on warcraft logs.


Nobody cares…

This thread has no connection to anybody who would contribute meaningful ideas…

If you mean supreme power, they’re 117g on my realm right now. :+1: Titans is even cheaper. I got 4 for 90g each. There’s plenty more but I don’t need to hog em all.

So you joined a hardcore guild that requires you to do all this extra stuff in the game for no real reason and now you’re upset about how long it takes you to do all that useless stuff?

Have you considered joining a guild that doesn’t require that?


i was in a guild that required consumables , world buffs , dm buffs , potions etc and for what?

to clear bwl 20 mins faster by spending a collective 5k gold raidwide on consumables? , that was just stupid


I do the same but I get by without flasking. I save mine for later dates.

Guilds set their own requirements, it sounds like you left to find another that fits your needs better. You and your past guild are both right to seek your own enjoyment.

Lotus spawns could potentially have their spawn rate increased and I wouldn’t bat an eye. I do think that they should always be lucrative, just how much that is arguable.

So glad melee don’t have a worthwhile flask to bother chugging, but they’re a theoretical great crutch to push through the content and hard for some people to pass up.

I will skip the gitgud comments. There are generally two main reasons for this problem.

  1. Server population is 2-3 times higher than retail. This means that the same finite world resources serve 300% more people than in vanilla.
  2. The rate of hardcore players in classic is a lot higher than it was in vanilla, further increasing the value of the already limited resources. This ties in with the previous point and naturally exacerbates the problem further.

There are simply not enough Black Lotuses to go around on the higher population servers. Realistically speaking, the average raider can not be expected to bring a flask due to the lotus shortage.


Flasks are needed if you want to top the parses, but tbh bring some way cheaper elixirs and make sure you have your gear enchanted, buff food and if you’re lucky a world buff is more than you need to go 8/8 in a couple of hours. Sexy crits are fun but leave the black lotuses to the guilds who are camping Azuregos and Kaz. They can keep their own little economy to themselves.

That’s still astronomically high. I used to pay 25 for them back in vanilla and balk at the price.


This is because even medium population servers have 4x the amount of players of vanilla high pop or even “Full” servers. There are not enough lotus spawns to keep up with the demand. They would have to have dynamic spawns based on the number of active high level players which would be a huge #change.

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Currently they’re at, and some nights above, 200g on alliance side of my server.

On raid nights a 5 stack of major mana potions can reach 30gold.

My guild is pretty casual and laid back but we manage to clear the content. It just take a little more time than everyone else but there’s not drama and no pressure.
At a certain point, to give us a chance, we needed to flask Wisdom and Titan to clear BWL.
We managed to clear BWL in 2 hours.

Maybe it won’t be required now that we all have better gear and our tanks have way more mitigation. But the flask are something that helped us a great deal.

You think 150 gold is ridiculous, wait until naxx is out they will easily reach 500+ if not 1k


At the same time… everyone is cracking jokes about how easy Classic content is.


i’ve beaten the game without them.

They were 240g last night on Herod.

It wasn’t one or two of them either. There were like 20 flasks of supreme power at that price or higher.

Why even complain about flasks when they are not even needed to clear current content? Maybe in AQ or naxx but I will defer that to someone who has some experience with Jose raids. My guild clears bwl quickly and no one flasks. It’s overkill unless you are going for a speed clear.

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