Flash Heal x Vulpera Racial macro?

Are there any macro wizards around who can help me out?

The Vulpera racial “Bag of Tricks” is functionally an instant-cast flash heal. With a 90 second cooldown it’s hard to justify a spot on my bars and to track it.

Is there a way I could macro this along with flash heal? So that if I don’t have an instant-cast proc of flash heal, but I’m trying to cast flash heal on the move, I use bag of tricks instead?

I haven’t had any success while trying to make the macro myself, but if anyone has tips you’d be my hero


/cast [@mouseover, exists, help, nodead][@player] Flash Heal
/cast [@mouseover, exists, help, nodead][@player] Bag of Tricks

This is as far as I got, but because they’re both on the gcd the attempt to cast flash heal seems to stop anything that follows.

Am I actually expected to track and use bag of tricks on a 90s cd? Arragh lol

looks like ur missing a thing or two there.

the way u have it right now won’t ever go past flash heal because its setup going down the list and since it can cast flash heal there it will always stop there.

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I’ve given up for now. I might revisit it later, but I’ve spent too long on it and had to move on lol

I have a philosophy for my healing UI where I don’t track anything that doesn’t directly influence my in-the-moment decision making.

I can’t justify tracking such a small heal on a 90 second cd, it feels bad man.

If it was somehow off the GCD, and could complement a personal defensive or juiced-up flash heal, this racial would be amazing.

As it stands though, it’s just not worth the headspace to use.

you need like a cast sequence macro or something

Bag of tricks is on the gcd. You will never be able to macro it to another ability and have it go off. IMO if you are a vulpera just remove that racial from your bars and don’t worry about it. No point in ever using it. At least that’s what I did on my vulpera shaman.


There might come a day where I find a way to make it unobtrusive to use, but you’re right - as long as it’s on the GCD it’s forever going to be the weakest racial I can think of. Most of the time it’s not even worth the global to cast.

Can’t imagine what the stats are for how many Vulpera actually use it. It has to be abysmal, which is a shame lol

I gave it my best but yeah it’s just not worth stressing over. Thanks guys!

there was one time it was useful and it was SoD. and even then it was a niche monk tech that was fixed by the end of the tier. All you had to do was get every single person in the raid pixel stacked and then it healed everyone.

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Pixel stacked? Yikes lol

It only a heals for 8% total hp without a crit, but I can see that being a fun timing after something like a lock gate on painsmith.

I hope one day blizzard revisits racials and reimagines bag of tricks. That raid-wide 8% heal would be wild, and still probably not on par with the current troll racial during something like a disc priest ramp.

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I’ve seen your post a while back, but I held back waiting to see what others can come up with because the idea I have just wouldn’t work for your desired outcome.

I’ve never used the Vulpera racial, but looking online and reading it over, it sounds like you use a 5 min cooldown to place a bag on the ground and then you click the bag over and over again, each time it rotates the spell you are able to cast, of the spells, you can get both offensive and defensive variants of choices to use.

So then once your set with the spell you want which seems like a healing spell, you would then macro it in such a way that it complements a similar spell type in your toolkit.

These are what I found online, if accurate…

There are 5 possible choices that you can unlock for Rummage Your Bag

  • Corrosive Vial - Splash your enemy with corrosive fluid, dealing Nature damage. A good reason not to drop your bag!
  • Flames of Fury - Blast your enemy with the FLAMES, dealing Fire damage.
  • Sinister Shadows - Torment the enemy with sinister power, dealing Shadow damage.
  • Healing Vial - Heals a friend with a Nature spell. Share the wealth!
  • Holy Relic - Heals a friend with a Holy spell. Share the wealth!

So I guess I am not certain of whether you need to summon the bag on the ground first or not.

If you need to summon the bag of tricks on the ground in order to have access to your spell then this is a bit more complicated and requires a 2 step process that I would personally macro into 2 different spells.

I would macro the summon bag part into my major cooldown button like Power Infusion.

Then I would macro the chosen spell into a similar spell effect within my toolkit. For Priest and for the holy healing spell, I would macro it with a spell that is both instant cast and has a cooldown so that I don’t have to worry about blocking my primary spell from being spammed if I wanted to do that… case in point, macroing it together with Flash Heal would be bad because you would not be able to spam Flash Heal as needed and would be really awkward to make it work.

Instead, I would macro it with another spell. My first spell of choice would be for Power Word: Shield. This is because Power Word: Shield is defensive only “[help] targets” and it has a cooldown (although it’s not a very long cooldown) meaning it will only be used on allies and you are unable to spam it non stop.

So for the actual bag of tricks spell (assuming it’s set to the holy defensive variant) I would build the macro like this…

/Castsequence [@mouseover,exists,help,nodead]reset=target/1 Power Word: Shield,Bag of Tricks

What this would do is it would cast Power Word: Shield on your target and immediately afterwards it would change into Bag of Tricks and allow you to use it again with an additional button press.

Because Power Word: Shield is both a friendly target only and a short cooldown, you won’t awkwardly misuse the spell by trying to spam it on the same target over and over and you would also not accidentally use your bag of tricks unless you intentionally want to do so by quickly double tapping the button (hence why the reset of the macro is controlled by a new target and a quick 1 second timer in order to quickly reset the macro back to Power Word: Shield to avoid accidently using bag of tricks at the wrong time).

I haven’t tested the macro, but I think you can understand the intention behind it. Adjust as needed and play around with it to get the feel you want from it.

I would also add that you can apply the same effect to a different spell choice like for the Shadow damage bag of tricks option.

Perhaps macroing it to be at the end of a Mind Blast for example with a quick reset so you can hide the Shadow damage behind a spell that you use regularly but with a cooldown so the spamming nature cannot be accidentally blocked by the cooldown of bag of tricks effect since Mind Blast has a cooldown itself. Only time this could get awkward is with resets happening constantly on Mind Blast if you are Shadow spec with Shadowy Insight procs. Same issue would exist with Shadow Word: Death as well with Death Speaker and it’s natural reset at low targets with Death a Madness.

So not sure what best spell to macro it with for the offensive aspect of bag of tricks. But I think you can understand the intention and process of how you might achieve the effect without fumbling over your other class/spec toolkit spells.