Flash Concentration - Talent

This should be a talent after SL please.


I suspect it will be. Usually successful borrowed power implementations make their way into the class at the end of an expansion. It’ll probably become a talent…if I had to venture a guess, it’ll have 3 stacks. The talents I think have always been weaker version of the original iteration.

ion said in preachs interview that they may consider another talent row.

I hope they will give us a new talent we are kinda overdue. Im tired of getting new nice spells/ leggo to not have them next xpact. Its like learning your character all over again each xpact

Which, I think, the devs mistakingly think is, somehow, interesting and fun.

But it’s not. I miss a lot of the hard work an energy I put into T’uure in Legion - I liked the spells and the theming that went with it. Then we had to learn all about Azerite traits and other crap. Now it’s the soulforge talents… I just wish they’d keep some of these stupid systems over a few xpacs.

They keep adding surface-level complexity, but it’s always a mile-wide and an inch deep.

If they kept systems and just tweaked or added onto them, we might actually see something that could almost be mistaken for depth. #salty

Having to learn a different rotation and new skills for your class has been a thing since LK.

LK playstyle for most classes was way different than in BC.
Cataclysm had a complete rework for most classes and their talents.
Same for MoP and the expansions go on.

tbh Legion -> BFA -> SL had the least amount of changes to classes spells and rotations.
Yes of course you have different borrowed powers but pretty much the same spells.

Like holy priest spells and system around holy words has been the same since Legion. LK -> Cataclysm -> MoP -> Legion holy priest suffered way many changes than last three expansions.

FC a talent?! Oh, God, no. I loathe holy now. It was great in BFA though when Prayer of Healing had value. Three azerite traits made Prayer of Healing a potent spell. Honestly, I am not a fan of spot healing at all. Too much work. Not to say it doesn’t have it’s place. But holy is now a Heal spam class, I’d say. Since when does casting one spell 90% of the time make for any fun?

I mean, don’t you play Discipline in dungeons? You’re gonna cast Shadowmend about as often as a Hpriest hits heal.

A lot of the time, Hpriest is firing off damage and then moving towards triage healing with heal or AoE healing with the rest of their toolkit. But they’re not hitting the heal button as often as you think if you think it’s way more than Smend. Especially with Resonant Words - weaving holy words is a decently fun minigame.

Its impossible to do a high level dungeon without FC is basically the problem.

I’ve accidentally gone into a mythic with my pvp gear on, and man, its just impossible to keep up with the damage.

What’s high end? I timed a 15 today and I don’t have flash concentration

mmhmm was that a high dps group or the barely enough dps group and was the tank very good?

Only FC has the power to make up for any deficiency, or maybe ur just perfect and should explain what ur doing :slight_smile:

They’re not wrong that you can do 15s with no FC. I was taking Divine Image in 9.0 just to meme for damage.

But it does become a necessity eventually. And I think when it becomes a necessity mostly depends on your gear level/skill level of group versus the key you’re doing.

Dude. The thing about FC is you have to keep the buff up. And then when you have it up, it’s great. But then so why would you not use Heal a ton after that?! The problem is, that is basically your bread and butter in most pugs.

As for disc compared? I do a ton of damage with Mind Sear. And in M+ there are just so many opportunities to use it. And you have all of these cds. And you have your damage rotation for single targets. And your repertoire of healing and damage reduction options. It is just so fun.

Honestly, in my opinion, if not for spells like Divine Hymn, holy now would be complete and utter trash because of how you get set up to just spam Heal.

Regarding Disc and Shadow Mend spamming?! Yeah, in lowbie groups you have to do that a ton–especially this week with Grievous. But you also have to use your other spells–your cds–otherwise you won’t get the group through things. And if you just spam shadow mend you are going to go oom super fast. But with holy? I don’t play Holy enough to make my skill basically auto-pilot level, but I find keeping the FC buff up a chore, and then find Heal is the go to spell when you have it up. And then you have to maintain it as well.

I just don’t like holy anymore. It was a great class in BFA in my opinion because you could spam Holy Nova for a ton of healing and damage, cast Prayer of Healing a few times to top everyone, and you had your Guardian Spirit and HW: Serenity for the tank, plus your various neckpiece azerite abilities. It was just a lot more diverse and fun, and you had a lot more decisions to make about the right spells to cast. And if you spammed Prayer of Healing with a lot of Mastery you could actually look around and think about things.

Don’t know what to tell you it’s like 2 weeks in so gear is hardly better than last patch and it was a group of pugs.

15s aren’t really high end.
High end is 20+ (At least for previous season)

This season seems to be easier without prideful so probably high end would be 25+ (When we reach around 252 ilvl)

Because you don’t need its throughput. You just flash heal to maintain every 20s, and heal to triage after that. But the buff just makes heal very strong. It doesn’t do anything that would force you to heal as much as possible in its window? You just play normally.

Like realistically on Holy priest and Disc priest I’m coming to about 2-3k DPS every dungeon. I’m hitting Dstar, PoM, Renew, etc. Heal is just for when you need it’s throughput and to weave between holy words.

I mean that’s my point. As a holy priest you need to use other spells. If you’re not good at holy priest, maybe yeah sure hit heal a lot. But if you’re not hitting your other buttons you just aren’t playing the spec to its potential at all. And you should have plenty of time to re-dot and holy fire/dstar until VERY high keys.

Sans-prayer of healing and Azerite gear (that everyone lost), you just described Holy in Shadowlands. You use GS, you use your holy words (ESPECIALLY these, you need to make use of Resonant words), you get tons of breathing room to do whatever because your throughput is very high, etc.

IDK I just think what you’re describing isn’t really how holy plays.

Yeah. Honestly, I don’t really play holy anymore. I have healed two dungeons holy in about four months–that’s it. I don’t like FC at all. Without it, I did not have any fun healing holy. As for the other spells, yeah, I use them. But I don’t find it easy to do much dps. This week with Grievous, you are healing a ton. And the time previous, I joined a trash group–I do that waaay too often, I know.

Talent does not mean its mandatory, two things can be true at the same time, they can have a viable PoH build and lots love flash concentration

15s are like +18s at patch launch. “High” keys right now are 18s and higher until gear catches up. Each week the goal post will keep moving up.

It honestly feels like you can do +20s already though. This season may be like BFA where +23-24 keys are the new high end in a couple of months instead of +20s. Top teams will be doing +30 keys easily with skip routes.

The FC playstyle is a huge step-up on holy though compared to BFA.